Bathing Suit Basics for all Bodies-part 2

Ladies, here is the much anticipated second installment of bathing suits for all bods. First, suits for the small busted woman.

Small breasts
There is hope small busted gals. The variety of push up padded bikini and tankini tops definitely help augment your bust line. Also look for tops with ruching or detailing in the top to give you more depth in that area. Avoid strapless swimsuits or those with high necklines which only emphasize your lack on top.

This bikini from Victoria’s Secret with the ruching on top is perfect for the small busted. The ruffles and texture from the varied ruching help add bulk where you need it the most.

This hot number gives you push up AND padding to maximize your breasts to their fullest potential. Trust me, these tops work. Get instant cleavage with a push up padded bikini bra top. Available @ Victoria’s Secret.

Here is a small bust Don’t. Kate Hudson, cute bod and all, is small busted and the bikini she sports here does nothing to augment her boobs–the tiny triangle emphasizes that she has none. She is as flat as a pancake on top–not too sexy. She could do WAY better.

Rectangle shapes
Women with few curves can create them in a couple of ways. One is looking at swimsuits with cut outs on the sides—there is a new silhouette called the monokini which is perfect for creating the illusion of curves. Another technique is looking for color blocking that creates curves. Or a cris cross design at the waist. Or even try for a belted hip.

The new monokini’s as they are called are great to create the illusion of curves which rectangular/boyish shapes need. The hallmark of a monokini is that it is a one piece but it shows so much skin especially around the waist it is almost a bikini. Personally I think it can be sexier for many shapes than a bikini. If you want curves, curves, curves then this style is perfect for you. Available @ Victoria’s Secret.

This number from Adidas is also great for boyish figures because the design also creates the illusion of more curve and indentation at the waist. If your tastes are more modest than the monokini suggests, then look for a design like this that works for your figure.

This suit from the Gap is a more modest version of the monokini. Very pretty colors, enough coverage for more modest tastes and still the cut outs at the sides to give a sexier silhouette. Love it!

Long Torsos
The Tankini is your friend! Love the tankini! And in the variety of styles those you with less than perfect 10 bodies for whom the bikini is not an option and neither in the one piece, the tankini my friend is for you!

Love this Tankini from Victoria’s Secret. Sexy cut, belted hip and playful print. Great for long torsos or those who are just not all that comfortable in a bikini or monokini but want the flexibility of two pieces. The tankini is a great look for plus sizes as well as it provides enough coverage once the tummy is not too pronouced.

This one piece from Nordstrom can be a great look for a long torso because of the deep plunge that draws the eye to the waist and the crisscrossing detail at the waist which breaks up some of the space in the torso. Sexy too!


Bikinis can be great for petite if you have the body to rock it. If going for one piece, look for one that shows more skin than not—cutout styles can make the torso look longer.

These two suits from Victoria’s Secret, works with the petite small figure–not too much distraction in print/fabric or construction. The monokini above will make a short torso look more elongated. Petites and plus sizes should avoid any suit with horizontal stripes or design.

Enjoy looking sexy and feeling great in your swimsuit this summer!

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Natalie Jobity, professional image consultant, AKA The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

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