The new look of the mini dress

Hello legs! If you haven’t noticed, ultra short minis are in style for summer. Both Beyonce and Alicia Keys wore versions at the BET awards on Sunday and  other celebs have been spotted rocking the look lately. A few words of advice. If you’re going to show off that much leg your legs  have to be in tip top shape! With these minis it is ALL about the legs. Second you have to find a silhouette that is flattering. When you are going that short you can’t have too much construction or detailing in your dress—the line has to be pretty simple for it to work. And the dress needs to have sleeves for balance. Third, be careful with layering a jacket over the dress because it can make you look top heavy. Fourth, to ensure your leg muscles are working overtime high heels are a must—they elongate the leg that much more and help them look sleeker. And finally, for ladies with full thighs you want to be really sure that hemline is not hitting you at your widest point—the effect will make your thighs look even wider!

I am going to critique a few celebs on their mini choices using  few photos from .

First up, Alicia Keys, who I think never looked better in this mini sheath dress from Jenny Packman. Its so short she can have worn the dress as a tunic and it would have been appropriate. And even though Keys has full thighs she looks fantastic—the dress drapes nicly over her curves, the beading detail gives her the glam factor and that curly hair balances her body so the overall effect is stunning. And I love that she wore nude tones shoes to keep her legs looking really long.

Beyonce also wore an ultra short printed mini for the BET awards. Not one to show that much leg in a dress (but with her new bare legged videos she has certainly gotten less modest) she looked edgier than usual. I wasn’t crazy about the print and I hated the green hoops which cheapened her look. On her I think the dress was a tad too short too—depending on the angle her thighs looked thicker than they needed to—see photo below. And it is SO short I wondered how she prevented peek-a -boo when seated? Beyonce has great legs but I don’t think this is a look she should replicate.

Leighten Meister sports a fab mini sheath dress from Thakoon. She looks young, fresh and lovely. Note again this is a print but with very simple construction. Just a draw string waist. And black strappy gladiators punctuate her look. Also note that all these dresses have ¾ length sleeves. If you’re showing a lot of one body part it is advisable to keep the rest covered so you don’t veer into trampy territory.

More on this post to come!

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2 thoughts on “The new look of the mini dress

  1. I loved the dresses that Alicia and Beyonce wore. Good tips re: the high heels. Will have to try the high heels on my next date with the Hubs!

  2. Yes definitely wear these ultra short ones with heels! good luck!

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