Fashion trends we hopefully won’t see in 2010

This article might be a tad controversial.  It’s my personal opinion on fashion trends that have been universally unflattering to women, that need to be banished from closets everywhere in the year ahead. You see, sometimes designers push the limit. They are artists after all—but just because they design it and the stores buy it, doesn’t mean we have to wear it!

Some trends that surfaced this year were just downright silly (see #1 harem pants). Really. Others are just so been there done that (see #5, ripped jeans). Others, still,  just aren’t stylish (see  Crocs #7). And the rest simply don’t flatter.

So without further ado, here is my top 10 list of Fashion Dont’s for 2010 (not rank ordered).

1.    Harem pants- Seriously designers did you really expect this one to stick? Who does this flatter?

Theory Harem pants

Not Chloe Sevigny in a leopard pair!

2.    Colored tights—I know they are supposed to be edgy and ‘stylish but honestly they just scream ‘tacky’ to me. Save this for the teenage and under crowd.

Apt 9 tights from Kohls

3.    Leggings as pants—Be clear—I love leggings with tunics and minis. The issue I have is women wearing leggings (sometimes even black tights) as if they are pants! In other words, if your rear is exposed it’s not that cool.

Come on Halle. Even you can’t get away with this look! The jacket does not hide the front of these very see through tights. So not becoming.

Gwen, nice try by covering everything else on top but this seriously looks like you’re missing your pants.

4.    Leg warmers—Cute in theory maybe but stylish, non.

5.    Ripped jeans—Please ladies do not revive this one. It’s plain sloppy and collegiate. If you want edgy try a zippered bootie. And honestly there are jean options galore that do not involve holes.

Alice + Olivia spattered ripped jeans from Nordstroms

6.    Extreme shoulder pads—Again designers tried hard to make this trend take off but thankfully most women resisted. Everyone remembers the late 80’s fashion. *Shudder*

I love Rihanna’s edgy style. Love it. And she almost makes me think this works. But harem leather pants AND shoulder padded jacket–say it isn’t so!

7.    Colored plastic Crocs. I don’t need to say anything else. Even Crocs has better options in recent months.

Crocs Mary Jane

8.    4 inch + wide belts—Okay this was tough. As a lover of cinching belts I have seen too many abuses of this style—petite women covering up their whole torso with a wide belt (in effect making them appear shorter) or women cinching tops that aren’t long enough for the width of the belt. Even the First lady has sometimes not gotten this right. To be safe stick to belts no wider than 2.5 inches unless you are really long torsoed.

Even in an all black ensemble, this uber wide belt just isn’t flattering on Fergie.

9.    Hot pants-Sigh. Just because you have great legs it is not always appropriate to show them in most situations. Leave a little to the imagination?

10.    Uggs—I’ve been sick of Uggs for years. Again if the teenagers want to rock these fine but on grown women they look like you’re trying  too hard. There are many other comfy boot alternatives.

Ugg Australia Baily Button boot from Nordstrom

To help ensure you start the New Year off to a great start read these tips for Purging your closet.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management


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