Show your body some TLC: 4 Self-Care Tips

Today I finally indulged myself with a 75 minute massage from my favorite spa. As I was being massaged I felt my body breathe a collective, ‘ahhh!’ and I couldn’t help but think to myself, why don’t  I do this more often? The truth is, as women we are guilty of not refueling our ‘vitality’ tank as often as we should. I struggle with this myself. We put our well-being, health and self-care last and suffer the consequences.

This month, I officially became an elite member of my spa to give me no excuse not to enjoy the amazing perks and benefits that affords me. During my massage I remember thinking, ‘I’m giving my body love’. When you think of it this way, it really makes you want to resolve to do better. Unless we refuel ourselves we can’t give back to our loved ones, far less look and feel our best.

Your image is the entire package—the inner in harmony with the outer. To help you find ways to give some TLC back to your body, practice these four EASY tips on a regular basis. Like my body did today, it will thank you for it.

1.    Stay in touch with your essence.
Some clues? What helps you exude your essence in its infinite glory? Just as roses need sunlight and water to fully bloom, what brings out your brightest, finest most brilliant bloom? For me it’s spending time outdoors, near the water and connecting with nature. I just had a beach vacation to the Dominican Republic and my only complaint is that I was not there long enough. The ocean air, the sound of waves, the sand on my feet, the cool briskness of the water, the glimpse of fish in the shallow reef, the feel of the sun—all of these things make my spirit soar. Find out what it is for you and do it as often as you can.


Me getting in touch with my essence earlier this month in DR

2.    Act upon your secret indulgence.
There is a reason why chocolates are a popular gift on Valentine’s Day—a day celebrating love! Chocolates are one of the most indulgent, easily accessible, and inexpensive treats we can enjoy. So often women deny themselves simple pleasures as this. The senses are meant to be stimulated and in so doing bring us pleasure. It’s summer—a great excuse to get that pedicure you keep putting off. When last have you basked in the brilliance of the sun (with your SPF protection of course!)? Splurged on your favorite bottle of perfume? Bought yourself a bouquet of flowers? The gifts of indulgence our loved ones give to us are gifts we can give to ourselves.


3.    Sashay your way to fitness.
From Zumba to pole dancing there are so many fun and creative ways to get the body moving while having a ball. This can be dedicated ‘me-time’ where you step outside your comfort zone and learn something new that is good for your body. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore when you can dance, jump and sashay the pounds away.


4.    Practice better self-care. Promise to dedicate time and effort over the next 6 months to pamper and take care of your best asset—YOU! Whether it is getting fit, losing weight, hitting the gym, eating healthier, getting your required ZZ’s every night, spending quality time with loved ones or just taking time to pamper and reward yourself throughout the year, make sure you offer the gift of love back to yourself. Because you cannot give what you don’t have! Make sure you replenish your love reserves.

You have a self care tip you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it!  Feel free to post on my Facebook Like Page!


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