The Style Conundrum: Looking Casual yet Polished

Many women struggle with looking pulled together in casual settings. They end up under-dressing because they’re worried about over dressing. So how do you present a polished and pulled together image while in a casual setting? Here’s the short answer: You can still be “dressed” without being “dressed up”. 

If you’re a business woman  and you’re attending a BBQ where you know you’ll meet other business professionals, how do you show up? Do you dress with the baggy T, shorts and flip flops which, while appropriate for the occasion, may not send that “dressed” signal to those you may want to impress? Or do you show up in a top that flatters you, a pair of well-fitting linen slacks or a cotton skirt, with a cute pair of sandals? Both are appropriate for the occasion, both are comfortable. But the latter is infinitely more effective in case you do bump into that person you’ve been dying to meet and for 5 minutes you happen to be talking business.

I don’t know about you but my policy is to be safe than sorry. More than that, my motto is really this:  NOT looking “polished” is never an option. Never an option. Why look “less than” my amazing potential, regardless of the context or situation or environment? I challenge you to ask yourself, why should you?

Be fabulous, regardless of the occasion!

Natalie Jobity, image consultant, President, Elan Image Management. Author: Frumpy to Fabulous Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style


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