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Oprah’s Finale Dress: On brand and On Point

Oprah has evolved into a style icon in her own right. She has found the perfect hairstyles and makeup to complement her features but more significantly understands how to dress to flatter her killer curves. If she has taught viewers anything about style is how to be comfortable in your own skin and look fabulous whether you’re an 8 (her smallest size) or a 16+. What I have always loved about Oprah is how she showcases her feminine sensibilities in understated ways and embraces color in its full glory. Who can rock yellow and hot orange better than Ms O? She wears every color under the sun and looks amazing.

For her show’s final episode, her complete look was a slam dunk. The well coiffed hair flipped up at the ends, the makeup to perfection (subtle smoky eye), her nude heels and THE dress. It was the perfect choice in my opinion. She chose a soft pink, silk dress from designer L’Wren Scott that was custom designed for her. Every detail from the chiffon belt off to the side, the wide scoop neckline, three quarter length sleeves, nipped in waist and just to the knee length, worked to enhance Oprah’s curvy figure. The fit–sublime. The effect–stunning!

The color choice was perfect. Pink as a color conveys softness, femininity, approachability, and warmth.  This was perfectly aligned with her core message in her final show-a show dedicated to her fans. She thanked them for their lessons and for letting her share in their journey’s but she also uplifted and inspired by using her own journey as an example. "There are no coincidences" she underscored. She shared that the past 25 years have been a divinely inspired master plan (led by God) that allowed her to use her stage as her platform.  She wanted her fans to takeaway simple  truths and the things she knows for sure from 25 years helping people live their best lives. Her look, her message, her persona were all aligned. I listened to every word.


Oprah, you are loved and your show will be missed.


Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, image consulting


7 Ways to Look Fabulous & Flaunt It on Valentine’s Day!

I love this quote from Michael Kors who was recently interviewed for In Style magazine. He shares, "Don’t dress to go with your age. Dress to go with your body. So much depends on self image! I know women over 49 who love their legs and 29 year old girls who hate their arms. Don’t let ‘age rules’ dictate what you wear." If you read my book ‘Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It‘ you’ll know I highly endorse this perspective. Sometimes we are what we wear and if you dress frumpy,  you sure won’t be turning any heads.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Celebrate your inner lioness and break out all the stops, regardless of how you spend your evening. Here are 7 quick tips to guide you!

  1. Take time to style your hair. So many women I work with just don’t bother and they have a litany of excuses as to why. If merely to please the man in your life on V-Day (or to get glammed for yourself) take the time to style your hair in a way that makes you feel beautiful.
  2.  Wear a skirt or dress. For most of us it’s winter and we’re all clothed up. Show off some leg on Monday. Don a pair of textured stockings that are all the rage now. Or show your arms. Or a little cleavage. Or a peek of your back. You will feel more feminine and will exude allure.
  3.  Please go the extra mile with your make-up, especially your lips and eyes. You can’t imagine the difference it makes to your sparkle quotient. Dare to paint your lips a shade of red. Put on a couple coats of mascara. Try a new eye shadow.  Make your command central, your face, simply irresistible.
  4. Come thee bejeweled. This is one of those days when you want to bring your ‘A’ game. Dangly earrings, a statement necklace, killer cuffs on the wrists, blinging rings-all good. Wearing jewelry will make you feel as fabulous as you’re going to look.
  5. Even if you’re a tall gal like I am, heels really do make you strut that much more convincingly. I’m not asking you to wear them all day now and they don’t have to be 4". Just skip the flats, ok?
  6. Wear a color that makes you pop! Ensure that there is no mistaking that you are Present and just radiating beauty. Any color that makes your eyes sparkle will be a winner.
  7. Wear a scent that will make your man want to cuddle with you all night. Perfume is an invisible accessory but on a day like this it can seal the deal. Your man will be hopelessly and happily yours all night long.

Be Fabulous!!

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, an image consulting firm

Recent survey reveals startling findings on women and their perceptions of self image

Times are really changing. Gone are the days when women view their biggest ‘looking their best’ day as their wedding day (for better or worse) but instead their first job interview. What? Yes!

A survey conducted in December 2009 by The Florida Department of Citrus released findings of the “Grapefruit Guide to Glamorous Moments Poll” recently, which reveals American women’s true confessions on their diet, weight loss, and beauty regimens.

Results show the extreme measures women will take to look their best at key events and the relative importance they place on weight, fitness, and conventional beauty. Topping the list?

  • Apparently, the value women place on looking good appears to be skin deep. Nearly four in ten women would choose wrinkle-free skin over the gift of a new car.
  • Two-thirds (66 percent) of women who try to lose weight for a glamorous occasion admit that they have followed a fad diet in an effort to generate quick results   rather than a long-term healthy eating plan.
  • Nearly seven out of ten (67 percent) women have avoided being photographed at special events because they felt unhappy with their appearance.
  • If given the choice, 81 percent of women would rather lose two dress sizes than meet a celebrity they admire, and a shocking 44 percent of women would rather lose $5,000 of their income than gain 20 pounds (what recession?).


A full list of results can be viewed on our multimedia site: Florida Grapefruit

Also on the site are healthy eating and lifestyle tips from our new partner, celebrity nutritionist Carrie Latt Wiatt, who currently works with Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

So what do these statistics tell us? That we need to start taking better care of ourselves from the inside out and stop looking for quick fixes. More importantly, if we really want that flawless complexion and that toned body for our ‘red carpet’ like moments we have to work consistently at it. Proper eating habits, exercise and healthy beauty regimens are the way to achieve our outward image goals and to feel great about our appearance regardless of the event.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consulting


Shoe Love

Thank you Via Spiga for allowing Elan Image Management to celebrate your 25th anniversary with you. The winner of the April shoe giveaway in honor of the anniversary that was promoted on  the Women’s Image and Wardrobe Examiner column is Susi Dupuis. Susi was selected from among comments to the question: why do you absolutely love shoes? Her response celebrates the beauty of shoes and the attitude they imbue to the wearer!

Susi’s response:


"Thank you for this article that celebrates finely crafted ladies footwear from the designer mecca of Milan, Italy. Without a doubt, it is our shoes that help us "feel" an attitude about our clothing and ourselves. I traveled in Rome in January and enjoyed the style and grace of the women there, particularly the staggering heels they wore while still managing to gracefully navigated along the cobbled avenues! As I said earlier, shoes inspire an attitude with their heels, straps, sparkles, buttons and buckles. Casual, business, evening and formal outfits are each often defined by the shoes chosen to go with them. There is a strut, a runway mentality that must go with strappy heeled shoes! And put on flats with a skirt to go about casually attending to what you need to do; then simply change into heels and take on the world! I AM attractive when I wear sexy shoes and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Thank you Via Spiga for inspiring the beautiful attitude in all of us! "

The contest offered 3 shoe choices and Susi selected the Ivory flats shown below.

Congratulations Susi!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

It’s Valentines Day: Love thyself. Let us Count the ways!

Sunday is Valentines Day. And regardless, we all need a healthy dose of pampering and TLC now and then to make us feel beautiful. Sometimes it can be a quick fix and other times it is utter indulgence that has long lasting effects. But don’t wait for somebody else to take care of you – take matters into your own hands and indulge yourself. Try any or all of these suggestions:

1.    What’s more indulgent than a warm, aromatic bubble bath? Fill the tub with a moisturizing, scented bubble bath, light some candles, put on your favorite music and relax. And remember to breathe.

2.    Treat yourself once a month to your most indulgent dessert and make sure you enjoy every morsel. Life is too short not to have dessert in it.

3.    The ultimate pamper (for me at least) is giving your body the gift of touch. Schedule a massage routinely to relive stress, release ‘feel good’ hormones and to pamper yourself. Again it’s all about feeling good and every way counts.

4.    Do that thing you always say you’d do, ‘if only’. Just do it! Next week I’m going to join some local ladies and have fun learning how to belly dance. I think it’s so cool! Maybe for you it’s taking a swim class, doing yoga, learning how to speak another language. The point is to make the time to commit to doing the things that thrill your heart.

5.    Bling is the thing! Treat yourself to a luxury item that makes you look and feel fabulous. And luxury does not have to mean expensive. Every person should invest in  a signature watch at a certain point in their life. It’s a status symbol but one that’s not so much about flaunting it but about acknowledging your good taste. A signature handbag is another must. Or it can be something small like a tinydrop earring that makes you feel so pretty. Go ahead – you deserve it!

6.    Pamper yourself with a hair masque that not only feels wonderful, it will enrich and nourish your hair as well. Shampoo your hair and then add bucket loads of the hair masque that’s best suited to your hair type. I usually suggest a plastic shower cap or you can wrap your hair in a towel if you prefer. The heat helps the masque soak right through to the inner hair shaft. After the required time, rinse and condition as usual.

7.    Block at least an hour out of your diary and go buy all the latest style and fashion magazines. Then get comfortable in your fav sofa chair and indulge in some fantasy!

TheImageDiva, Elan Image Management

Élan Image Management is pleased to introduce the ‘New Year, New Gear’™ Teleseminar Image Coaching Program

Have you been dreaming of a new you for 2010? Have you made a commitment to invest in yourself this year and to create the space for real transformation? Are you tired of being stuck in a wardrobe rut? Do you long to learn how to shop smarter and actually have fun doing it? Do you want to step up your presence on the job and ‘walk the talk’ of a woman who is truly dressed for success?

The ‘New Year, New Gear’™ Teleseminar Image Coaching Program was specifically designed for women, as an ongoing image coaching program providing wardrobe consulting, style refinement, empowerment, fun, accountability and image transformation…all from the comfort of your home! Each month, for an entire year (or 6 months) you will receive; a private one-on one image coaching session, a complimentary invitation to a coaching teleseminar, weekly e-mail exercises, insider access to resources and affiliates, discounted admission to wardrobe bootcamps and other events sponsored by Élan Image Management and much more! Get ready for a year full of education, empowerment, fun, fabulousness and most important, transformation!

Program Benefits:

•    Image Transformation: the more engaged you are the greater the transformation
•    The secrets of dressing to impress
•    Affordable and clever ways to optimize your wardrobe
•    Support banishing the negative self talk that keep you from looking fabulous
•    Learn the techniques to creating a wardrobe full of clothing you absolutely love
•    Tips and tricks to dress age appropriately
•    Access to tools and resources to aid your image transformation
•    Learn how to shop smarter not harder and find joy in shopping
•    Help with purging your own closet so you can make room for your new, ‘smarter’ clothing choices
•    Insider access to experts in image, fashion, beauty and design
•    Help goal setting with respect to your image. What are you trying to achieve this year?
•    Step by step guidance to keep you looking stunning throughout the year
•    The ongoing guidance and coaching from wardrobe/style expert and certified image consultant, Natalie Jobity

The program also includes:
•    Free audio (MP3) of all coaching teleseminars
•    Plenty of opportunities for Q&A
•    A new you, for a minimal monthly investment!
•    And SO much more!!

For more details and to register visit the Teleseminar page

What are you waiting for? Get your image in gear this year by signing up for this transformational, empowering and fun coaching program! REGISTER NOW .

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Look great for the holidays–Let Shapewear help you!

If you wonder how the celebs look svelte in their clothing,don’t be surprised if they are not using shapewear to provide a lean, streamlined foundation.


What is shapewear? It is any garment including girdles, corsets, bras, control panties, and control camis that help you tuck away unwanted bulges in the tummy, hip, thigh, back or rear so you look fabulous in your clothing.

Body Magic corset from Ardyss

Many women are familiar with the Spanx line of shapewear products. But there are products available now that not only give you that hourglass silhouette temporarily, but aid in helping you reduce unwanted fat permanently!

My favorite line right now is Arydss which is only sold by independent distributors. Do check out their shapewear line.

Panty reshaper from Ardyss


Corset verdette (waist cincher) from Ardyss

In the meantime, here are some of the many benefits of wearing shapewear:

  • Shapewear is a stylish woman’s best kept secret. It can:


        * Reduce unwanted bulges
        * Enhance your assets
        * Improve posture
        * Provide a smooth clean look (no VPL) underneath clothes


  •     A properly fitting bra can shed 10 pounds, elongate the torso and enhance a woman’s figure. Make sure you invest in high quality undergarments.


  •     Shapewear is not just for plus size women! Every woman can benefit depending on what needs ‘tweaking’ or refining in her body.


  •     Shapewear fabrication is much more breathable and comfortable than years past.


  •     Shapewear can make you look and FEEL more comfortable in your clothes.



So gained a few pounds over the holidays? Not to worry. Shapewear is your friend! You can buy Ardyss shapewear directly from me at MY ARDYSS SITE. And fellas? There is shapewear to be had for you too!


The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Want hair and makeup advice? Read about a cool new site that does just that!

If you’re like me you’re always trying to stay on top of the latest beauty trends, but with all the products, brands, and new formulations, it can be a daunting prospect. It’s even harder when you trying to start from scratch. What color blush best suits me? How do I bring out my eye color? Can I wear red lipstick? Add that to trying to decide if you should change your hair cut and/or color! Now you’re really going to be confused.

As always, I’m here to show you there is help. Really solid, no brainer type of help that can guide you whether you have questions about makeup, hair or beauty products in general. The answer? A new interactive online website,, the brainchild of Hearst magazines Digital Media, a unit of Hearst Magazines. covers topics related to hair, makeup, skin, body and fragrance, as well as diet and exercise, stress relief, sleeping better, eating well and other wellness subjects. But what makes the site really special is the robust interactive makeover tool that lets you try new looks on the site by uploading your own photo. Couple that with step by step guides on almost every beauty question you want answered and you have a comprehensive content driven site totally dedicated to helping you bring out your fabulous best looks.

“While there are beauty sites out there, most of them are not connected with editorially-based features and content. What we bring to the table is deep editorial expertise with a customized experience for the consumer,” said Chuck Cordray, SVP and GM Hearst Magazines Digital Media in the site’s press announcement this past August.

Added Nicole Stagg, founding editor of, “Our research has shown that women are looking for a highly personalized site that covers all aspects of beauty. This led to the development of’s editorial voice as well as our proprietary ‘Beauty Book’ toolbar, which will allow site visitors to get beauty advice and information targeted specifically at them.”

Photo courtesy of

Regarding the site’s makeover tool, Stagg asserts, “ Our new makeover tool, called ModiFace, is different from other makeover tools because, for the first time, it allows users to upload photographs, without having to calibrate facial positioning, and instantly see how they would look with new hairstyles, hair colors and cosmetics. You can get really specific with the tool – for example, plumping your eyelashes or lips. In future phases, the application will allow users to visualize anti-aging and simulate weight loss." Wow!

What really impresses me about the site is that it talks to women of all ethnicities, (Caucasian, Asian, African American, Indian and Latino), ages and lifestyles and brings together expert opinion and personalization of ‘real beauty’ to all women. That is a focus missing from similar sites and one that sets apart.

So if you have not already been intrigued and hopped on to check it out I highly recommend you jump on it.—your one stop destination to bring out the ‘real beauty’ in you!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Jennifer Anniston gets a sexy new look for Elle’s September cover

Ok folks I must admit it. I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston. Her acting is average at best. And honestly her roles are just different platforms for her to play ‘Rachel’. So never been too impressed with her movies which in truth, have not been the box office hits most will like them to be. And there’s her style. Its pretty basic–lots of black, jeans galore, a crisp white shirt, maybe a scarf nowadays, same hairstyle for years–straight blow out. Don’t get me wrong. It works. She always looks pulled together and effortlessly casual. And I can’t tell you how many of my clients consider her to be their fashion icon. But to me it’s just always been so predictable. Red Carpet–guess what Jen will be wearing? A simple classic black gown. Out and about and you’ll find her in a great fitting pair of jeans. Maybe a blazer, black of course. Predictable.


I like that Jen is down to earth, no frills and classic with her style, but I’ve always felt with her she was just playing it safe. I mean the same hair ALL the time? To me, it was just her ‘uniform’ and uniforms are boring.


So imagine my surprise to see a peek at her in the September cover of Elle, looking all…sultry and sexy. Yes, quite! Hair is curly and she instantly transforms into a sassier version of herself. Her makeup –a tad more than usual on the eyes (pretty!) and although she is rocking her signature black, its a leather BUSTIER! Wow! Jen has rarely flaunted her sexy /alluring side and she unquestionably has one of the best bods in the business.  On this cover and shoot she is flaunting it and I sure hope its the beginning of more surprises from her. Being close to 40 can bring that out in a woman–suddenly they realize ‘if not now when?’ and then they really start to rock it out. On the September Elle cover  I love her attitude and that mischievous twinkle in her eye. She is smokin’.


But that isn’t all! Check out these inside photos where she amps up the sexy quotient:

Yes we are seeing more of her breast than usual. Men the world over are going to swoon over this picture.

I want to high five her–for embracing her fabulousness and sexiness in a very tasteful way. You got it girl! Flaunt it.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Bathing Suit Basics for all Bodies-part 2

Ladies, here is the much anticipated second installment of bathing suits for all bods. First, suits for the small busted woman.

Small breasts
There is hope small busted gals. The variety of push up padded bikini and tankini tops definitely help augment your bust line. Also look for tops with ruching or detailing in the top to give you more depth in that area. Avoid strapless swimsuits or those with high necklines which only emphasize your lack on top.

This bikini from Victoria’s Secret with the ruching on top is perfect for the small busted. The ruffles and texture from the varied ruching help add bulk where you need it the most.

This hot number gives you push up AND padding to maximize your breasts to their fullest potential. Trust me, these tops work. Get instant cleavage with a push up padded bikini bra top. Available @ Victoria’s Secret.

Here is a small bust Don’t. Kate Hudson, cute bod and all, is small busted and the bikini she sports here does nothing to augment her boobs–the tiny triangle emphasizes that she has none. She is as flat as a pancake on top–not too sexy. She could do WAY better.

Rectangle shapes
Women with few curves can create them in a couple of ways. One is looking at swimsuits with cut outs on the sides—there is a new silhouette called the monokini which is perfect for creating the illusion of curves. Another technique is looking for color blocking that creates curves. Or a cris cross design at the waist. Or even try for a belted hip.

The new monokini’s as they are called are great to create the illusion of curves which rectangular/boyish shapes need. The hallmark of a monokini is that it is a one piece but it shows so much skin especially around the waist it is almost a bikini. Personally I think it can be sexier for many shapes than a bikini. If you want curves, curves, curves then this style is perfect for you. Available @ Victoria’s Secret.

This number from Adidas is also great for boyish figures because the design also creates the illusion of more curve and indentation at the waist. If your tastes are more modest than the monokini suggests, then look for a design like this that works for your figure.

This suit from the Gap is a more modest version of the monokini. Very pretty colors, enough coverage for more modest tastes and still the cut outs at the sides to give a sexier silhouette. Love it!

Long Torsos
The Tankini is your friend! Love the tankini! And in the variety of styles those you with less than perfect 10 bodies for whom the bikini is not an option and neither in the one piece, the tankini my friend is for you!

Love this Tankini from Victoria’s Secret. Sexy cut, belted hip and playful print. Great for long torsos or those who are just not all that comfortable in a bikini or monokini but want the flexibility of two pieces. The tankini is a great look for plus sizes as well as it provides enough coverage once the tummy is not too pronouced.

This one piece from Nordstrom can be a great look for a long torso because of the deep plunge that draws the eye to the waist and the crisscrossing detail at the waist which breaks up some of the space in the torso. Sexy too!


Bikinis can be great for petite if you have the body to rock it. If going for one piece, look for one that shows more skin than not—cutout styles can make the torso look longer.

These two suits from Victoria’s Secret, works with the petite small figure–not too much distraction in print/fabric or construction. The monokini above will make a short torso look more elongated. Petites and plus sizes should avoid any suit with horizontal stripes or design.

Enjoy looking sexy and feeling great in your swimsuit this summer!

I highly recommend picking up a copy of my book: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style. Full of tips, advice and motivation to look great regardless of your size and empowering you to Flaunt It. The secret? Confidence (and a few handy insider secrets that I share).

Natalie Jobity, professional image consultant, AKA The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

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