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Our Top 5 swimsuits for pear/triangle shaped women: Elan’s picks

Summer is here and many women angst about not being toned enough, thin enough, tanned enough or tight enough to bare their bods at the beach. I’m here to tell you, get over yourself. The average woman is a size 10/12 and has some complaint or other about her body so you’re in good company.

Here’s the real secret. If you know what type of swimsuit best flatters your curves, you will look better, feel more confident and actually look sexier (if you dare!) at the beach or pool this season.

There are options aplenty for all shapes, sizes and level of modesty. For those of you who are bottom heavy, here are my 5 favorite silhouettes and styles to maximize your figure this season.

Skirted Tankini

For women who have a pear (triangle) shape, minimizing the hips and often rear is the challenge. An easy strategy is to use color blocking—wear a darker color on your bottom and a brighter/lighter or printed pattern on top. This tactic minimizes where you are wider and draws attention to your smaller torso. Another alternative, is the skirted suit or tankini in a straight to slight a line silhouette (not flared!).
This suit from Victoria’s Secret is perfect as it achieves both these goals. (Twist tankini with skirted bottom)


Ruched one piece with retro vibe
For triangle shaped women with a tummy skip the bikini! Too often I see ladies with their little paunches all hanging out and honestly they can do so much better. For you, I highly recommend the minimizing one piece. A one piece with ruching at the waist/tummy is an excellent choice for you.

I love this Carmen Marc Valvo retro suit from Victoria’s Secret, which is ruched all over for maximum support and figure flattery. Love it! What is also great is that you can pull the skirted part up or down depending on your coverage needs to minimize your thighs (or not). And this color: hot and haute!


Bikini with skirted bottom

A high waist retro styled bikini bottom with high spandex content can work wonders for the mid section and hips. The idea here is to find a high percentage of spandex to tuck in bulges. This “control” bikini from shape fx is great for your figure because of the bottom but also because of the style of the bikini top. The wide set straps makes your shoulders appear wider so your hips are more in balance. And if you don’t have a tummy you can Flaunt your curves in this number with confidence.



Plunge front printed one piece
Another great way for women with pear shaped figures to play to their strengths is to choose a patterned one piece with deep plunge so the emphasis is on your body’s top half.  This floral one piece from Victoria’s Secret is perfect especially for triangles with small busts. The deep plunge and tie shoulders put emphasis at your bust and away from your hips, thighs and rear. And patterns are great camouflagers. Even better, this suit also comes with side ruching to whittle in the waist.



Swim dress
If you look great in white this is a great color choice for your swimsuit. An all white bathing suit can be just as slimming and elongating as a black one if it is designed with your figure in mind. This Juicy Couture suit from Bloomingdales is. Again, the wide set spaghetti straps help balance out your hips, the shirring all over the suit minimizes and controls your ‘softer’ areas, and the skirted bottom helps slim your thighs.


But wait there’s more! Check out these past posts on swimwear.

Next up, the best swimsuits for inverted triangle figures.


Natalie Jobity, professional image consultant, AKA The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

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Yokini Swimwear: Sexy & Flattering Swimsuits for many figure types

Finding figure flattering swimwear is as much an art as it is a science. To rule out some of the mystery in finding the perfect swimsuit for you I am dedicating a series of blog posts to do just that! This is always a popular topic this time of year and I want to make your search as effortless as possible. For each of the main figure types I want to highlight my top 5 recommendations to best enhance that figure so you feel confident, sexy and comfortable wherever your summer jaunts may take you.

Check out the following links for past posts on bathing suits:

But I have a surprise. This first post will be dedicated to a relatively new line of swimwear that I believe can flatter almost every figure and swimwear occasion. Why? It all boils down to the proprietary fabrication and design of the swimsuit bottom. I present to you ladies, Yokini swimwear convertible bikini bottom!


The vision behind Yokini Swimwear came from the idea that a more mature woman  can still wear a sexy two piece swimsuit with confidence and style. The unique Yokini bottom enables a woman to adjust the fabric to fit her lower body like a glove. Any problem areas in the hips or tummy instantly disappear when multi- layers of control stretch fabric are concentrated directly on the area.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. I had the pleasure of sampling the line myself and I love it! I now have a bikini with a convertible bottom that I can wear so many ways depending on my mood or the occasion—all the way up so it looks like a one piece, at the waist for a retro look, as a banded bottom so it looks like your regular bikini and (really cool!) like a skirt so it also acts as an instant cover up.

Check out this HOW TO WEAR VIDEO

Regardless of how you choose to wear it, it is extremely figure flattering and comfortable because the fabric is breathable and very stretchy. If you are bottom heavy you can wear it as a skirted bikini to minimize your hips and thighs. If you have a tummy, you can wear it retro style and swim with confidence. If you are curvy, you can wear it as a low rise banded bikini for maximum sex appeal. If you have a more boyish shape, you can wear it like a sexy one piece or sportier style.

Convertible swimwear is not new. But what is new here is that the bottom really can be molded various ways on your body for a completely different look. And the idea that this can go dramatically from a one piece look to a skirted one is very innovative.

Inspired by yoga wear, the Yokini bikini is designed so every woman can start feeling sexy, confident and stylish in a bathing suit. Flaunt It on the beach, the pool or on the volley ball court!

Next up: The 5 most figure flattering designs for bottom heavy women.

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, image consultant. Author: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style

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Oprah’s Finale Dress: On brand and On Point

Oprah has evolved into a style icon in her own right. She has found the perfect hairstyles and makeup to complement her features but more significantly understands how to dress to flatter her killer curves. If she has taught viewers anything about style is how to be comfortable in your own skin and look fabulous whether you’re an 8 (her smallest size) or a 16+. What I have always loved about Oprah is how she showcases her feminine sensibilities in understated ways and embraces color in its full glory. Who can rock yellow and hot orange better than Ms O? She wears every color under the sun and looks amazing.

For her show’s final episode, her complete look was a slam dunk. The well coiffed hair flipped up at the ends, the makeup to perfection (subtle smoky eye), her nude heels and THE dress. It was the perfect choice in my opinion. She chose a soft pink, silk dress from designer L’Wren Scott that was custom designed for her. Every detail from the chiffon belt off to the side, the wide scoop neckline, three quarter length sleeves, nipped in waist and just to the knee length, worked to enhance Oprah’s curvy figure. The fit–sublime. The effect–stunning!

The color choice was perfect. Pink as a color conveys softness, femininity, approachability, and warmth.  This was perfectly aligned with her core message in her final show-a show dedicated to her fans. She thanked them for their lessons and for letting her share in their journey’s but she also uplifted and inspired by using her own journey as an example. "There are no coincidences" she underscored. She shared that the past 25 years have been a divinely inspired master plan (led by God) that allowed her to use her stage as her platform.  She wanted her fans to takeaway simple  truths and the things she knows for sure from 25 years helping people live their best lives. Her look, her message, her persona were all aligned. I listened to every word.


Oprah, you are loved and your show will be missed.


Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, image consulting

What to Wear? Comfortable yet Stylish Shoes for Work

As an image consultant and personal shopper one of the questions I get asked most often is where to find comfortable yet stylish shoes for work. It amazes me that many women will forgo wearing skirts and dresses because they do not have the right type of shoes that give them the comfort they desire yet not  frumpy. My answer is typically that options now are so much more plentiful than they used to be. Designers like Naturalizer, Aerosoles and Cole Haan have made comfort a priority in their shoe designs.

Naturalizer has a whole line–the N5 comfort series designed for women with these challenges in mind. There are also brands like Sofft shoes, Born, Dansko and Munro Italian that can be found in major department stores that offer designs that are a more fashion forward than your grandmother used to wear, while still keeping the ‘comfort first’ mentality in tact.

I typically advise women to look for a shoe with at least an inch and half heel to wear with skirts and dresses because a slight heel will be more flattering than no heel at all (in other words ballet flats really can’t be worn with a sheath dress!). Also examine the type of heel. A kitten heel with a narrow base on the bottom is infinitely harder to walk in than a block or wedge heel. Some platforms can also be forgiving in the comfort department.

So you don’t just have to take my word for it, here are a few stylish options for work that keep your foot comfort in mind (all available at Nordstrom).

Anyi Lu Dainty pump

Sofft Napoli III


Cole Haan Lainey pump


Munroe Odetta pump

Anyi Lu Soul pump

Naturalizer Verstood Mary Jane

Paul Green Faith pump

Trotters Jaden sling back

ECCO Coventry pump

Softspots Sherise pump

Colre Haan slingback

Natalie Jobity, image consultant, Elan Image Management




Elan Image Management, in Cinematique! Film Inspired Fashion sponsored by The Art Institute of Washington

I was delighted to participate in the Cinematique (film inspired fashion) gallery exhibit, presented by the Art Institute of Washington, created to help celebrate female film fashion icons by creating a contemporary look inspired by one of their iconic style scene stealers.  Stylists chose classic film icons like Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady to more recent stars like Angelina Jolie in Salt, providing a diverse and eclectic perspective of fashion in film.

All exhibits were displayed on dress forms with associated accessories and props with posters and profiles of the film and leading lady and a bio of the stylist/designer’s inspiration  prominently displayed on each wall. The presentation is superb and views like any museum class exhibit. I only wished there was more space to feature even more designs.

Natalie Portman/ Black Swan

As the most experienced professional stylist participating in the exhibit I created two looks:  The first from perhaps one of the most leading film fashion icons of all time, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey as  Holly is the epitome of classic elegance. I played with the idea of using the many black dresses she wears in the film as my muse. But instead of an LBD I wanted to do two pieces, a skirt and a top that gives the illusion of one piece. I also wanted to make it more dramatic while still keeping it sophisticated by playing with the idea of varying textures.

Audrey Hepburn/ Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management

The top here is intricate, with a ribbed texture and a peplum like silhouette that upps the glam factor. The skirt is a pencil skirt with a fluted back and  I styled the outfit with the skirt worn reversed so there was more drama in the front . Again there is the play on texture, this time with an African lace fabric. The skirt is a collaborative creation by L~Shandi (a local designer who uses African lace as her signature) and I and the reversible skirt idea was birthed from dressing ‘Holly’ for this exhibit. This ensemble is a more modern silhouette that still pays homage to Holly’s style, while making her more obviously alluring. The texture adds creativity and drama to the look, in keeping with Holly’s character. The texture also reinterprets the pairing of black on black, but the look is still sleek and upscale. Accessories add panache and also remind us how much Holly loved her pearls.

One of my favorite exhibits was Foxy Brown in the movie by the same name. This outfit was styled by a faculty member and it is simply fabulous. Mod print in an empire waisted floor length jump suit is SO now and reflects perfectly the sensibilities of the Diva that was Foxy Brown. We all wanted to grab that jumpsuit off the mannequin!

Foxy Brown/Foxy Brown

Another stylist created a very girly/edgy version of Uma Thurma in Kill Bill. She chose to take creative license and styled a ballerina inspired dress (Tulle and all) with a belt with a real sword in a holster. So the ultimate in femme fatale—dangerously girly and completely unexpected. Dressed to kill is an understatement!

Uma Thurma/ Kill Bill


My second exhibit is inspired by one of my favorite movies of all time, The Sound  of Music with Julie Andrews as Maria. My inspiration for my ensemble is the heartwarming scene where Maria and the kids are out and about and she is teaching them to sing ‘Doe Ray Me’. She is shown wearing jumpers and full skirts of varying lengths in many of the outfits from this scene, and she is appropriately casual yet still so ladylike.

Julie Andrews / Sound of Music as styled by Elan Image Management

I wanted to update Maria and dress her in a casual, fun ensemble with the same sensibilities. My foundation garment is a pretty, polka dot, brown and white skirt with embroidery and eyelets at the hemline.  I paired the skirt with a fitted brown cotton/Lycra top and a white blouse, so the outfit had the feel of a jumper without being one. The blouse plays to the romantic sensibilities while the sleek top gives off a slightly alluring vibe—just enough, because after all, she is a former nun.  The straw hat and bag are well appointed to give her a polished, yet still effortlessly casual look. This is Maria, but a modern Maria, dancing and singing in the park with the kids, all girlish and coquettish…in 2011.

Natalie Jobity’s wall in Cinematique

The Cinematique gallery exhibit, presented by the Art Institute of Washington and organized by Tanisa Sharif, held its opening reception on Thursday April 21st showcasing the styling and design work of professionals, up and comers, faculty and students .  The small but very impressive exhibit will run through May 28th at Gallery 1820 at The Art Institute of Washington and is a must see for fashion and film lovers alike.

Natalie Jobity in front of Cinematique entrance

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, professional image consultant

4 Tips on looking Fabulous: Taking Cues from the Oscar Red Carpet




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The Oscar red carpet is one of the most anticipated and arguably one of the most stylish celebrity event of the year. Academy award nominees, presenters, guests and plus ones, pull out all the stops in an effort to wow, gain style cred, and get the coveted thumbs up from fashion critics and bloggers everywhere. The dress women wear on Oscar night is likely their best effort at looking fabulous.  

As viewers and critics we are glued to our sets, walking down our own imaginary red carpet in our mind’s eye. We look for cues for how we too can flaunt our fabulous best at our next high profile affair—whether it be a wedding, prom, gala or special event. As an image consultant who is on the pulse of all Flaunt-worthy wardrobe choices for women, I want to share with you 4 tips you can takeaway from this year’s Oscar red carpet. (Photos Jason Merritt/Getty)

Tip #1. Simple elegance never goes out of style

Ladies, it is true. Sometimes less IS more and also completely captivating. I present into evidence, Jennifer Lawrence and Celine Dion. Jennifer Lawrence arrived on the red carpet looking absolutely fabulous in a simple red, spaghetti strap Calvin Klein gown.  Wearing minimal makeup and jewelry—just a bangle and clutch—the dress is all about the rich red hue and sleek simple sophistication. The color is stunning on her and she looks effortlessly beautiful. And what real woman doesn’t aspire to that?

Celine Dion was breathtaking in a long-sleeved Armani Prive dress . This simple gown was a standout because it fits her SO impeccably (this after twins!). The ivory color works for Celine along with the deep V neckline, fitted silhouette and emerald pendant as accent. Her hair and makeup is lovely. She is glowing and honestly I’ve never seen her look just so darn pretty. She just nails it.  


Tip #2. Glamor can be had at any age

First I have to say hats off to all the ladies over 40 who brought their A game to the Oscar red carpet! I was thrilled to see women like Sharon Stone, the ever dependable Helen Mirren and Annette Benning representing in a fabulous way.

But to really bring this point home to all you ladies who think age has anything to do with beauty or glamor, look no further than Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry. Sandra got the full package right last night in a strapless red  Vera Wang gown. She is a showstopper. Red is definitely a power color for her and I love that she kept everything else pretty much toned down. Hair is pulled back, bangles and a clutch are her accessories of choice and a bold red lip pulls it all together. She looks poised, confident and simply beautiful.


Berry’s body is as amazing as ever and she never lets us forget it. At last night’s Academy awards though she was simply sublime in a nude Marchesa frothy creation.  Designed with a corseted bodice with crystal and ruffle accents throughout ending in a tulle train, this gorgeous gown looks like Halle dropped from heaven. She looks sexy yet soft, she stands out yet is understated. She is flawlessly fabulous.

And let’s not forget the leading ladies in the make, like 14 year old Haille Stienfeld, Oscar nominee for  ‘True Grit’. She is lovely and age appropriate in a blush Marchesa custom made gown. A headband is the only accessory.  Fabulous at fourteen. Yes M’am!

Tip #3: You will own the spotlight in a gown in a color that flatters you

I am a big proponent on women wearing colors that make them shine because it can have such a huge impact. I am always amazed when some celebs walk the carpet in a beautiful dress that just is not the right color for them.  This year the color trend was extreme: very bold (reds, midnight blue, magenta) or nude (blush/white/lilac). Regardless, once the color works, the woman in the gown just glows. A few of my favorites:

Natalie Portman could not have looked lovelier accepting her award for best actress for ‘Black Swan’. The deep magenta color of her Rodarte gown with matching tassel earrings are a knockout on her. The silhouette—a wide open V neckline with light sequin detailing and draping down the middle, elongates her petite frame and balances out her baby bump. Her soft wavy hair and always natural makeup just highlights her natural beauty. She looks amazing.

Cate Blanchette wore a pleated silk chiffon Givenchy Couture gown in a pale wisteria. This dress has an Asian inspired feel and as always Cate manages to look amazing without looking like she is trying. Her hair is pulled back, makeup subtle and skin flawless as ever. Diamond earrings and bracelet caps off her look. The color, an unusual neutral works for her.

Jennifer Hudson looks phenomenal in a  halter gown designed by Versace. The color-a tangerine red – is just so stunning on her, you have to take a second look. She is ‘glowing’. The gown’s design is dramatic, with diagonal seaming in the front and serious draping in the back. But it is well constructed to flatter her slimmer, curvy body. Her hair and makeup are all spot on for a truly glamorous look that is clearly designed to take the spotlight. Her long strand of earrings and bracelets are added punctuation. She looks radiant, beautiful and truly gorgeous.


Tip #4: Looking effortlessly pulled together is a key ingredient for stunning looks

Yes it is about the entire package.  Head to toe sending a consistent message. In this case it is about looking effortlessly amazing. The hair, makeup and accessories all have to convey the same energy as the gown to make a complete package. Who nailed effortless last night?

Michelle Williams who did not get my vote with the floral sand colored dress she wore to the Globes that did not flatter her, had me from the moment I laid eyes on her on the red carpet. Michelle is at her finest in a simple short sleeved white column gown from Chanel. She accessorizes with beautiful diamond studs, her pixie haircut flawlessly coiffed and makeup that is fresh and youthful. No pomp and circumstance here, yet she glides down the carpet, making fabulous look easy breezy.

Melissa Leo,  Best Supporting Actress win for "The Fighter", came to the Oscars in a creatively designed highly textured white lace dress from Marc Bouwer who added reflective inserts as accents. Her hair is very ‘relaxed’ in a ponytail and her makeup very natural. She looks pretty and confident and very comfortable in her custom made gown. And it shows.

Use these tips to tap into your inner fabulous so you can Flaunt It at your next special occasion.


Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, Image Consulting. Author: ‘Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style’




Shoe challenges: Finding the Perfect Fit

There is something incredibly alluring about a woman wearing heels.  And with 5 " heels all the rage, women are stepping it up–literally.

Yet at 6 feet 1" tall, I never had any inclination to rock heels (after all I wasn’t trying to add MORE height to my stature) so I never learned how to walk in them. I think my  very narrow, long feet also play a role in the wobbly unattractive gait I develop when I try to wear any heel higher than 2 " –forget it if they are kitten heels! The unfortunate thing is that all this limits my  shoe options considerably!  I have two pairs of love sandals with kitten heels or the equivalent that may be 2.5 inches and I swear I have never worn them outside my house. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to walk around the house in them in an effort to dare to wear them out, but the wobbly, shaky ankle look is so not cool and bordering on spraining my foot. I’m averse to injury so the moment my whole foot bends while trying to walk it’s over.

I don’t need heels to add height I want them for the sex appeal–and 3 inches will more than suffice. If only…I got excited recently when I tried on a pair of Sam Edeleman’s that were SO cool–funky and edgy–just the type of shoe missing in my closet. Amazingly I was just almost able to walk in them–they may have been 3.5 inches but they had a nice solid heel base (which makes a huge difference BTW). The problem however was that my feet were too narrow for the shoe–argh!! That is always the ultimate "gotcha" with shoes and me.

What is interesting though is I thought I was alone in my shoe challenge. But as an image consultant I have met so many women –petite, average, tall–who struggle with shoes that fit comfortably for one reason or another. For some its the inability to master walking in them. My heart goes out to the woman if she is petite and actually could use the height leverage heels provide. For others, it is a too wide foot that limits their options. Others have unique foot issues (large or narrow heels, one foot larger than the other etc.) that make finding shoes period very challenging. Then there are the MANY who used to rock heels decades ago and now suffer the consequences with ailments from foot pain, bunions, arch issues etc.

Moral? There are lots of women out here needing options that are stylish and funky in a variety of sizes and widths and styles. I have met women who wear their heels but then they have to sit down in them because to walk in them is torture. I’m sorry– comfort over style is my mantra-if I can’t sit, stand, walk or run if I have too in complete ease I’m not wearing the shoe.

Shoes are a critical part of one’s style and look. I’ve had to ‘make do’ and it’s unfortunate. Unfortunate for me and the many women who wistfully long to rock a pair of really hot shoes but struggle to find styles that work. Designers like Softspots, Clarks, Sofft, Cole Haan, Naturalizer, Munro, Trotters, Van Eli and even Aerosoles are trying to provide comfortable options for women like me. Nordstroms now has a section called comfort shoe shop on their website. If I can find a shoe like this Sofft peep toe that fits my narrow feet that I can walk in, I’ll be a happy gal.

Sofft Raine pump @ 3.5 "


For me Van Eli is really the only brand that gives me my length and width (11AAA) in lower heel options. Suffice it to say most of my shoes are mail ordered and made by Van Eli. But options have definitely  gotten more promising in the past two years. The gladiator trend put flat shoes back on the market and a big hallelujah for that!  And the recent trend in boots of all heights and styles is a huge boon–its one of the (few) reasons I look forward to fall/winter season so I can wear boots from my increasing collection of riding style boots.

So there is hope! Looking forward to being pleasantly surprised this season!  I just found this cute pair from Van Eli that comes in narrow that might work–don’tbe surprised if you see me Flaunting It!


Van Eli Phebe Calf

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management

What to Wear: The Conundrum of Petites, Plus and Tall Sizes

According to a New York Times online article by Stephanie Clifford last month, "As doctors and public health officials encourage Americans to slim down, the fashion industry is embracing Americans as they are. Both mass-market stores like Forever 21 and Target and expensive designers like Elie Tahari are deciding the fattening of America is a big business opportunity, and are reinvigorating a market that had faltered during the recession."

Well that’s all well and good but they have got a long way to go! The average American woman is a size 14. Most clothing designers cater to what they feel is aspirational and  trendsetting. It’s all about illusion and fantasy and not much about reality at all. Most designers don’t think about what will sell when they put pencil to sketch pad–they are thinking about a collection that will get them great PR and that will put on a great "show". The problem is that the buyers who attend fashion shows "buy into" these sterotypes and the result is a lot of unrealistic fashion trends popping up in stores every season that flatter only a minority of women.

Couple this issue with the fact that plus size clothing is very expensive to manufacture for a variety of reasons so retailers shy away from them completely. With Petites and Talls, even though they are viable markets, there is apparently not enough money in them to make designers and stores take note. Many department stores shut down their petite departments and stand alone stores that used to cater to petites including Petite Sophisticates are out of business. There was a Tall Girls store in Virginia nd that too shut down even though I know many tall women who shopped there. So what are we to do, those among us who are non-standard (and increasingly becoming the majority)?

In my work as an image consultant I see women of all shapes and sizes and I see my role an empowering them to embrace and learn to dress and flatter their size as it is NOW. We can all look great in your clothing if we learn the tricks of figure flattering. Yes their are hard to fit statures/sizes–plus, petites AND talls.  I’m 6’1" and a healthy size 6 and because I am in the business of image, fashion and wardrobe I know what looks great on me and how to wear mass market clothing that looks like it was designed for my super long frame (with the help of a tailor often).

But just like there are plus sized petites, there are plus sized talls and these are the most challenging to address because the plus size market offerings are so limited. It would be wonderful if designers catered to ALL frames but they don’t. And everyone assumes tall women have it easy but whether thin or plus or in between we have the same challenges as petite women finding clothing, often harder because you NEVER see ‘talls’ in department stores.

All sizes and statures can be beautiful –we just need more options period! I hope other designers start to cater more to the plus size market in particular and that stores like J Crew, J Jill, Victoria’s Secret , Talbots and Eddie Bauer etc. continue to serve all sectors of the woman’s market. 

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consulting

Swimsuit Giveaway: Look Fabulous at the beach in a figure flattering Tankini

Hi there ladies. Summer is officially here and to celebrate I am doing a swimsuit giveaway courtesy of Swankini. Swankini is a newly launched line of swimwear  designed by Lois McCourt. Her goal was to create swimsuits that were totally flattering and totally fabulous. After a lot of hard work,  she created a variety of beautiful swimsuits designed for all kinds of body types.

I am thrilled to be able to giveaway a beautiful Amethyst halter Swankini two-piece from the La Ruche line valued at over $100. This design is built with a bust enhancer and side ruching for extra tummy and waist slimming effect.

 Here is a photo of this hot "suddenly slimming" swimsuit–La Ruche Amethyst Swankini


To enter here’s what you need to do:

1.    Become of fan of Elan Image Management and Swankini on Facebook

2.    Tell us why you want to ‘get your swank on’ at the beach this summer by commenting to this blog or on our Facebook fan page discussion forum

3.    Get your comments in by June 12th!! One lucky lady will win her very own Swankini swimsuit!! Winner announced on June 15th!

Good luck!


The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consultants

Win a pair of Via Spiga shoes! Read on for details

Ladies how often do you get a chance to win a pair of shoes valued at over $200 just by reading a column? Not often. Well through April 25th (THIS SUNDAY) you have the opportunity  to do just that. It’s Via Spiga’s 25th Anniversary this year, and one of the ways they want to celebrate their loyal consumers is by giving back. So we’re doing an exciting giveaway of a “special gift” from Via Spiga.

But before I tell you how you can be eligible to win this ‘prize’ let me tell you a little bit about Via Spiga!

Via Spiga takes its name from the legendary street in Milan. Their shoes are steeped in a heritage of pure Italian designs, leathers and quality materials. Today the brand delivers sleek and architecturally inspired styles, binging luxury fashion within reach of all women. The entire collection has a feel of amped up femininity, for women who like to command attention when they walk down the street… whether in Milan, New York, Washington DC or anywhere. And as you know, shoes are the ultimate accessory, that can take your outfit up several notches in the flick of an ankle strap.

What can you expect from a Via Spiga shoe? Quality materials, superior workmanship, style, the latest in footwear trends and an attitude!

The Image and Wardrobe Examiner column in partnership with Via Spiga is giving away a gift bag with a pair of shoes (your choice from three selections) to one lucky woman and a couple other surprise giftables for those who participate in the contest.

Here are your choices of shoes!

Jasmin valued at $225

Ivory valued at $164

Jolie valued at $225

What do you have to do to enter?
Comment on this article about why you love shoes and why they are the ultimate accessory. Get creative. If you own a Via Spiga shoe tell us about it. The winner will be chosen from among the best responses and then chosen at random.You can comment  on the column, via my twitter account  or on my Facebook fan page or to my e-mail  If you do comment on the column directly, e-mail or DM me on Twitter so I know who you are!

The winner will be chosen and announced on The Image and Wardrobe Examiner column and my Facebook fan page on April 25th in honor of the company’s anniversary.

The odds of wining are very high! Good luck!

 For more information visit Via Spiga’s website, become their Facebook fan and follow Via Spiga on Twitter.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consulting