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Win a pair of Via Spiga shoes! Read on for details

Ladies how often do you get a chance to win a pair of shoes valued at over $200 just by reading a column? Not often. Well through April 25th (THIS SUNDAY) you have the opportunity  to do just that. It’s Via Spiga’s 25th Anniversary this year, and one of the ways they want to celebrate their loyal consumers is by giving back. So we’re doing an exciting giveaway of a “special gift” from Via Spiga.

But before I tell you how you can be eligible to win this ‘prize’ let me tell you a little bit about Via Spiga!

Via Spiga takes its name from the legendary street in Milan. Their shoes are steeped in a heritage of pure Italian designs, leathers and quality materials. Today the brand delivers sleek and architecturally inspired styles, binging luxury fashion within reach of all women. The entire collection has a feel of amped up femininity, for women who like to command attention when they walk down the street… whether in Milan, New York, Washington DC or anywhere. And as you know, shoes are the ultimate accessory, that can take your outfit up several notches in the flick of an ankle strap.

What can you expect from a Via Spiga shoe? Quality materials, superior workmanship, style, the latest in footwear trends and an attitude!

The Image and Wardrobe Examiner column in partnership with Via Spiga is giving away a gift bag with a pair of shoes (your choice from three selections) to one lucky woman and a couple other surprise giftables for those who participate in the contest.

Here are your choices of shoes!

Jasmin valued at $225

Ivory valued at $164

Jolie valued at $225

What do you have to do to enter?
Comment on this article about why you love shoes and why they are the ultimate accessory. Get creative. If you own a Via Spiga shoe tell us about it. The winner will be chosen from among the best responses and then chosen at random.You can comment  on the column, via my twitter account  or on my Facebook fan page or to my e-mail  If you do comment on the column directly, e-mail or DM me on Twitter so I know who you are!

The winner will be chosen and announced on The Image and Wardrobe Examiner column and my Facebook fan page on April 25th in honor of the company’s anniversary.

The odds of wining are very high! Good luck!

 For more information visit Via Spiga’s website, become their Facebook fan and follow Via Spiga on Twitter.

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Fashion trends we hopefully won’t see in 2010

This article might be a tad controversial.  It’s my personal opinion on fashion trends that have been universally unflattering to women, that need to be banished from closets everywhere in the year ahead. You see, sometimes designers push the limit. They are artists after all—but just because they design it and the stores buy it, doesn’t mean we have to wear it!

Some trends that surfaced this year were just downright silly (see #1 harem pants). Really. Others are just so been there done that (see #5, ripped jeans). Others, still,  just aren’t stylish (see  Crocs #7). And the rest simply don’t flatter.

So without further ado, here is my top 10 list of Fashion Dont’s for 2010 (not rank ordered).

1.    Harem pants- Seriously designers did you really expect this one to stick? Who does this flatter?

Theory Harem pants

Not Chloe Sevigny in a leopard pair!

2.    Colored tights—I know they are supposed to be edgy and ‘stylish but honestly they just scream ‘tacky’ to me. Save this for the teenage and under crowd.

Apt 9 tights from Kohls

3.    Leggings as pants—Be clear—I love leggings with tunics and minis. The issue I have is women wearing leggings (sometimes even black tights) as if they are pants! In other words, if your rear is exposed it’s not that cool.

Come on Halle. Even you can’t get away with this look! The jacket does not hide the front of these very see through tights. So not becoming.

Gwen, nice try by covering everything else on top but this seriously looks like you’re missing your pants.

4.    Leg warmers—Cute in theory maybe but stylish, non.

5.    Ripped jeans—Please ladies do not revive this one. It’s plain sloppy and collegiate. If you want edgy try a zippered bootie. And honestly there are jean options galore that do not involve holes.

Alice + Olivia spattered ripped jeans from Nordstroms

6.    Extreme shoulder pads—Again designers tried hard to make this trend take off but thankfully most women resisted. Everyone remembers the late 80’s fashion. *Shudder*

I love Rihanna’s edgy style. Love it. And she almost makes me think this works. But harem leather pants AND shoulder padded jacket–say it isn’t so!

7.    Colored plastic Crocs. I don’t need to say anything else. Even Crocs has better options in recent months.

Crocs Mary Jane

8.    4 inch + wide belts—Okay this was tough. As a lover of cinching belts I have seen too many abuses of this style—petite women covering up their whole torso with a wide belt (in effect making them appear shorter) or women cinching tops that aren’t long enough for the width of the belt. Even the First lady has sometimes not gotten this right. To be safe stick to belts no wider than 2.5 inches unless you are really long torsoed.

Even in an all black ensemble, this uber wide belt just isn’t flattering on Fergie.

9.    Hot pants-Sigh. Just because you have great legs it is not always appropriate to show them in most situations. Leave a little to the imagination?

10.    Uggs—I’ve been sick of Uggs for years. Again if the teenagers want to rock these fine but on grown women they look like you’re trying  too hard. There are many other comfy boot alternatives.

Ugg Australia Baily Button boot from Nordstrom

To help ensure you start the New Year off to a great start read these tips for Purging your closet.

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The Cardigan! Fall Fashion Must Have #1

The classic cardigan has a slightly new look and is super popular since spring, Either slightly cropped,  tunic length or asymmetrical, this is not like the Chanel cardigan that was once the rage. What I love is the variety in color. Not just in neutrals you can now find cardigans in fuchsia, orange, gecko green and a myriad of hues. And the silhouettes are more figure flattering as opposed to boxy. Drape over a dress, wear over a tank and jeans, or belt over slacks. Either way, the cardigan is likely going to be your one go-to basic all season long and into fall. Here are a few of my favorite looks:

The Asymmetrical Cardigan

From urban minx

This has been a popular silhouette since last fall and I sense it will be hot again this coming season. Works with many figure types.

 The long vest


  Robert Rodriguz vest @ couturezappos

This tunic length cardi is an interesting silhouette. I would belt it with a widish belt or add long layered necklaces.


 The Short Fitted Cardi

Fitted cardigan from French Connections

A great look for ensemble dressing and definitely a popular style for fall. Wear open with a longer layer, layer over a dress, buttoned up over slacks or skirts, or belted with a thin belt with your favorite jean. A must have piece for your wardrobe.


The Belted Hoodie

Anthroplogie cardigan with hoodie

A funkier vibe–here with edgy details at the waist and a hoodie. Definitely to pair with jeans and boots.


 The Feminine Cardigan

Ruffled cardigan from Victoria’s Secret

 Ruffles create a softer effect and a little unexpectedness. Wear with sleeves ‘juged’ (pushed up).


Animal print

  Animal print cardi from urban outfitters

Share your wild side with an animal print cardi. Pair with solids so the focus is on the print, like the model in the photo. 3/4 length sleeve cardigans very fashionable now too.


Shawl Collar Wrap Cardigan

Wrap cardigan from Anthroplogie

Classic and Timeless. I love this look. Cozy yet stylish and definitely figure flattering (creates that hourglass effect). Because of the length, best on taller frames.


The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Who is your Fashion Inspiration?

Dear Readers,

Fashion icons are icons for a reason. They inspire and encourage us to dare to make our own signature statements after their cues. Often when I am working with a client in an image consulting session to uncover their personal style, one of the questions I ask is if they have a fashion icon or someone whose style they admire. The answer is typically very revealing and helps the client crystallize who she aspires to be image wise. It’s a great question to ask yourself as you think about and try to define your own personal style.

Your fashion icon does not have to be a celebrity but certainly they come to mind more readily for most women. Your icon can be any woman whose style you admire, and would love to make yours. But to get you started, here are some celebrities who possess a signature style that is so distinctive, that they are all icons in their own right:


  • Audrey Hepburn. The queen of classic elegance and chic sophistication. Still the gold standard
  • Josephine Baker. A Diva ahead of her time who took fashion risks and bucked the system to make her indelible mark in fashion
  • Jessica Alba. Easy breezy, comfortable and understated. She always looks great but never goes over the top and has an amazing figure but prefers cuts that are less revealing
  • Sarah Jessica Parker. Very fashion forward and trendy. Likes to mix things up. Very creative in her ensemble combinations and very ‘girly’
  • Rihanna. Fresh, edgy and very fashion forward. Takes bold risks with her look that always pay off. Dares to be different
  •  Angelina Jolie. When she is in Mommy mode she sticks to neutrals and very clean flowing lines. When dressing up, she is typically in primary colors, simple silhouettes (typically long gowns) and always elegant (post Billy Bob)
  • Cher. Expect the unexpected. Very dramatic. Wants to be noticed. Very extreme
  •  Julia Roberts. Very classic. A lot of black gowns. Easy silhouettes. She looks amazing but you know she’s still comfortable
  • Jennifer Anniston. Effortless casual style—jeans and T’s with perhaps a scarf as an accent. Little  accessorizing and makeup with hair that is always picture perfect
  • Queen Latifah. A lady who embraces her body with such confidence that you do not care (or notice) what size she is. Always dresses appropriately for the occasion whether in a gown or more laid back in sporty separates
  • Marilyn Monroe. Allure, and coquettish sex appeal? Who did it better. Newcomer Scarlett Johansson is a close second
  • Beyonce. Bling and glamour all in one package. Beyonce’s style also epitomizes the woman who is not afraid of her curves and loves showing them off
  • Michelle Obama. Our latest icon. Conservatively classic with a touch of panache. Embraces color and loves clean silhouettes like the sheath dress. Poised and elegant

I think you get the drift. Each of these women embodies a style that is uniquely her own. What is yours?

Copyright: Natalie Jobity, Élan Image Management, image consulting. Author: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style

Spring Trends in Bloom: 10 Hot Trends

Dear Readers,

If today is any indication, spring is definitely in the air. And in addition to turning my thoughts to daffodils, sunshine, Easter, and longer daylight hours, I get so excited finally to be able to rid myself of my winter skin (coats etc.) and show some of my own (as in legs and arms and necks). Which of course makes me dizzy with anticipation thinking of the new trends and fashions we’ll see being donned by the most fashion savvy amongst us.

Many trends are very similar to last spring but with enough of a twist so you feel it’s a different design aesthetic. And frankly some trends are pretty consistent year after year like the first on this list of ’10 Hot trends for Spring.’


  1.  Bright colors are everywhere!! Oranges, yellows, Gecko green, teal blue and warm reds will be splashed all across racks—in clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories. have you visited the mall lately? You’ll know exactly what I mean. Citrusy yellow will be the color of the season similar to last spring. If you’re going to buy a yellow top or dress just make sure it’s a shade of yellow that compliments you!
  2. Every spring there is some version of a safari trend. Whether it is showcased by animal prints, earth tones, rugged relaxed looks, safari inspired tops, chunky wooden or ornate accessories or a maxi dress with an earthy vibe, you can always count on being on trend for spring with a safari/global/ethnic look (all variations on the same theme).
  3.  Pleating, pintucks, panels and tiers will be a design element in a lot of this season’s fashions. It’s all about texture and lines baby! This can be a great way to camouflage figure flaws–use vertical lines to lengthen and thin, horizontal ones to widen or shorten. Make sense?
  4.  Beading and embellishment is back ladies!! On jewelry, tops, accents, shoes, bling is in! Want to stand out–wear that sequined camisole with a muted hued bottom for day. Or go for an audacious necklace or ring that only you can pull off.
  5. Pants whether high waisted, slouchy, rolled at the cuff or flat out harem style will all be popular. Gaining a following are jumpsuits too! A word of caution though: Catsuits and overalls are NOT in style. The trend is an all in one top and pant with a relaxed loungy vibe. It takes a special woman to pull this one off so be careful. When executed successfully it can be very chic.
  6. Bows and ruffles will be en vogue too—those pretty feminine detail that is so girlie on dresses, shoes and skirts.
  7. We will see more corset inspired tops and dresses this spring, a look so hot and so figure flattering. Look for lace up detailing on shirts, blouses and dresses.
  8. Another figure flattering trend that will continue is the cinched waist, so hourglass and so sexy. Whether you cinch with the ever popular wide belt from 2 seasons ago or with the more trendy skinnier versions the effect is the same–to showcase those curves girl! I personally LOVE this trend year round!
  9. Gladiator sandals, espadrilles, the wedge heel and shoes accented with bows, buckles will be hot all through spring.
  10. And last but not least, the simple shift dresses will make a serious comeback in spring. Shifts with pockets, cowl necks, thick spaghetti straps –you name it shift is on trend.

More to come with pictures. Catch me in a few days. And for those of you wondering why the frequency of the posts have slowed down, it’s because I’m operating with two fractured wrists for weeks. Yeah…not so hot 


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Holiday How-To’s: The Office Party

Dear Readers,

Dressing for the office Christmas party can put anyone in angst. You want to look festive but you still have to play it safe. What’s  a girl to do? Follow these suggestions and attend your office affair with conffdence!

  • For office parties, you want to be more conservative than other events while still looking festive. Avoid provocative necklines and short skirt lengths. Separates are a good choice. For office events, I personally like this crisp white ruffle Lauren by Ralph Lauren top from Bloomingdale’s paired with a black bottom.  Sophisticated and feminine this look is very office party appropriate and very chic.

Available at Bloomingdales

  • Want to make a bold color statement? Pick a party dress in an unusual color like this bright blue number from Karen Miller. This sleeveless satin sheath dress is conservative enough (but not at all boring) for an office party. And it has enough zest (the color, the shimmer, the unusual neckline with bow accent) to make everyone know that you’re there to have fun.

  Available @

  • The silk charmeuse top with a peep hole and neck tie  is also an excellent option for an office party when paired with a black pencil or A line skirt or tailored trousers. The empire waist and cap sleeves are very figure flattering and the aluminum grey color is very of the moment. This ensemble screams effortless style. And you can tie the bow so the peephole is hidden or shows a little ‘peek a boo’. Great for the casual office party.

  Available @ Victoria’s secret

  • If your office party is more dressy you might consider a dress like this black lace dress  that suggests a bit of the glamour of "Old Hollywood". It is feminine, dainty and romantic for the woman who wants to be sophisticated and festive with a dose of classic. Note how well the model is accessorized.

 Available at


Next up, suggestions for the non-office party.

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The New First Lady and her Red Dress

Dear Readers,

November 4th not only marked the historic election of Barack Obama, but also his wife Michelle Obama taking on the role of First Lady. Michelle exuded her typical sophistication in Chicago when her husband was named the 44th President of the United States. The new First Lady wore a red and black two-toned one-of-a kind Narciso Rodriguez sheath dress, for her husband’s acceptance speech Tuesday night topped with a black cropped cardigan for a more conservative look.

I’ve already written about Michelle’s refined sense of style and signature look on the campaign trail. See my post: But I have to admit I was not loving her designer dress on election night (right from Rodriguez’s Spring 2009 runway collection BTW).  I loved the matching color combination reflected in her daughters’ dresses and  I liked the IDEA of the dress — fashion forward, unconventional, bold and edgy. All good stuff! But as she walked on stage waving, it was confusing what was happening with her dress. Something just was not quite right and too much was going on. And it’s only after seeing all the pictures of that historic night that I realize it was the cardigan! It  didn’t work because it was a distraction to an already very boldly patterned dress. The way the edges of the cardigan blew in the wind ruined the clean silhouette of her sheath dress and threw off the dress’s proportion and line—a silhouette that she wears often and that works really well on her. Paired with the cardigan, Michelle’s figure looked thick waisted and boxy resulting in a less than flattering look.

Others have criticized the color of the dress, calling  the color combo ‘lava lamp’, “hell colored”, "paint blast" among other things.  Others still, just hated it period. For me it was the cardigan–it just was not working.  This is the dress without the cardigan on the runway (left). 

If Michelle came sans cardi she would have looked amazing. She rocks this sheath silhouette all the time. But perhaps the dress was just not a practical choice to begin with for a cold Chicago evening. It’s meant for Spring after all! She needed the cardigan to ward off the chill in the air So it was smart to cover up, it just didn’t translate well on TV on that vast dark stage and with all that wind! And honestly, all good stylists all know that vibrant red can be a tricky color to wear on camera.

 But we can forgive her this fashion faux pas because honestly, this is the first public one. And at the end of the day do we really care? Barack Obama will be our new President and she is the new leading lady.  She makes me so proud— commanding, elegant, classy and striking. As one blogger wrote: “She’s so damn confident, she could have worn a paper bag and still be amazing.” And I agree whole heartedly.

And watch out for the new fashionista on the make, her daughter Malia. Word has it that her red silk taffeta Biscotti dress (paired with matching cardi) has caught the attention of  many onlookers and that her dress has been selling out in stores. Sound familiar?


The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

I’m lovin…Wide leg pants

Dear Readers,

I have not been wearing a lot of pants lately because, quite frankly, it’s been hard to find a pair that flatters and is comfortable. The skinnier cut of past seasons are not forgiving on hippy gals like me. So imagine me thrill to see the new stylish wider leg cuts I trousers this fall! Whether in a plaid, a solid, cuffed or slouchy, these trousers, worn low or high on the waist and wide in the legs, say easy elegance.

What’s to love about this cut? 

  • In a higher waisted style, with heels (or long legs) your legs will look lusciously long
  • A textured wide leg pant is a fresh fashion forward look that ads zest to your ensemble
  • A fuller leg pant perfectly balances wider hips (great camouflaging technique lately)
  • This is a sleek, tailored look that is perfect for work or a night on the town
  • These pants look great with a shorter length fitted jacket or a jeweled tone blouse


Here are some great wide trouser looks.


Jessica Biel looks stunning in her silver-grey YSL suit with a full leg cuffed trouser. Even with the longer jacket length look how long her legs look!

Lauren Conrad is very fab in her high waisted very wide leg pants paired with a cropped jacket and black and white belt. Lovin it!

These two looks courtesy of show a tweeded full leg trouser paired with a fitted sweater on the left and a pair of classic trousers on the right very remnisent of Katherine Hepburn the Queen of the trouser! Look how hip that tweed trouser looks!


This Alice & Olivia wide leg has metallic pin stripes that not only elongate the leg even more, and with their lower rise  punctuate the slouchy vibe but also make the pants look evening-worthy.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and nab you a pair!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management


My Five Fall Favs

Dear Readers,

As the song goes, ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ and that means it’s time for Fall gear!  And what a great season for luscious colors, figure flattering silhouettes, and eye catching accents. No time complaining you have nothing to wear. This year you can stay warm, be comfortable and look fabulous. Just follow my lead.

1. These boots are made for walking!

The riding boot is super popular this year as are gladiator inspired booties. Boots are hot this season whether thigh high or ankle low, fringed, slouchy or buckled. Details are all the rage. The way to wear a tall boot is to tuck your jeans into them or to wear with fall’s skirts or sheath dresses.  Ankle booties look great with edgier looks like mini dresses or shorter length pencil skirts.

BcbGirl buckle boot

Steve madden pewter ankle bootie

2. Mad for Plaid

Yes I know, it sounds so staid to be falling over plaid. But this is not plaid as in school girl uniform or country favorite. This season’s plaid is fresh because it is used in unexpected silhouettes and color combinations. For example, a plaid vest or dress in a rust, green and red color combo is so fashion forward right now.

Bebe plaid belted dress

7 for Mankind vest

In the dress below, a plaid print meets a shapely sheath for a fashion forward look you can wear to work.

Banana Republic plaid dress

You can even find plaid in an evening dress—plaid can be creative and unexpected like this Thakoon designer dress highlights.

 Thakoon plaid designer dress

3. Have fun with Accessories

Multiple strands of metal chains is just the accessory to funk up a tailored look. The cocktail ring is all the rage now and the bigger the better.  Metallic leather gloves are an unexpected accent to dress up an evening look. The oversized clutch is also hot–check out L~Shandi’s floral embossed, bejeweled version below. The perfect hand candy to jazz up a simple ensemble. And if you’re really daring? You can wear a feather in your hair like Carrie in SATC—feathers are in for head gear. And let us not forget the cinch belt—definitely a must have in any woman’s closet.

Cara couture cocktail ring

Asos patent croc waist belt

L~Shandi Qui Qui clutch

4. Hello Corduroy

This fall fabric staple has an updated look because there are a host of very sexy jackets in this fabric everywhere. This is the perfect fall layer and in an hourglass silhouette? Smokin!  And yes you can still  get your corduroy slacks but in new cuts and finishes.

Victoria’s secret tailored corduroy jacket

J Crew peplum corduroy jacket

True Religion corduroys

5. Stand out in a bright/patterned coat

First impressions are everything, so makes sure yours is fabulous! A coat in a bold hue or pattern is a very loud statement and makes sure you command attention wherever you go. Remember the first thing people see is you and your coat when the temps drop so you need to really own one that makes you look and feel amazing. Cool colors for fall? Cobalt blue, purple, red, rust.  This  Hanii Y’s gorgeous purple plaid coat, is perfect outerwear piece that’s practical and chic.

Hanii Y plaid purple coat @

The lipstick red sateen  trench coat from Bebe  is very flattering on almost any figure.

And this cobalt blue classic J Crew ‘Lady Day’ coat—always a winner.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

A Stylist’s View: Fall Fashions I’m lovin…

Dear Readers,

Fall fashion is in full swing even as Bryant Park is all astir with Spring 2009 fashions from uber designers for NY fashion week! I can’t focus on Spring right now because I’m getting excited about some of the new fall trends and looks. What is interesting though is that many of the Spring/Summer 2008 trends have carried over into fall! Florals, ruffles, prints, and bold color all are en vogue. I’m thrilled with the explosion of color in fall fashion as it is so aligned with my own personal love of color year round. Who says grey, black and brown are de rigeur for this time of year? Purple, pink and plaid are very much on trend this season.

I’ll save my trend report for another time but I wanted to share a few of my favorite ‘accessible’ fashions of the season (and by accessible I mean affordable to the average Jane.)


Love bold color? This season is for you! From emerald greens, to saturated purples, to sapphire blues, to toasty oranges there is a bold color choice for every taste. Like this emerald green wrap blouse from Ms Von Furstenberg. A lady can never have too many wrap blouses and as I tell my clients, this design flatters almost every body type. The slight balloon in the sleeve and large cuff is an updated twist. And in a color like this, buying it is a no brainer.

DVF Green wrap blouse @ Nordstrom for $198

One of my personal favorites is this fit and flare, paprika suede skirt from Boston Proper. This is so me, especially paired with those brown boots? Don’t be surprised if you see me rocking this skirt some time soon!

Paprika Suede skirt @ @ $99

Purple is the reining color of the season and so befitting this regal hue isn’t it. Purple is unconventional, fashionable, and still conservative for work. I really love this color for a cocktail dress or a after work social. This twist front design is very figure flattering and the deep V neck adds allure. Really nice!

Jones NY Twist front dress @ Nordstrom @ $125

This belted ‘trench style’ taffeta dress from OC by Oleg Cassini is classic and oh so chic. Puff sleeves echo the waist detail with belted cuffs. Crisp, polished and pulled together. The deep navy is a great hue and very apropo for after hour business events.

Oleg Cassini taffeta dress @ Nordstrom @ $158


Diane Von Furstenberg is a master craftswoman when it comes to print and this season she does not disappoint. I am loving this Finola dress– the silhouette, the muted tones and of course the graphic print itself. The dress, in yummy chiffon,  is detailed with pintucked pleats to create a streamlined silhouette through the body. The waist is cinched and the skirt full creating the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure.   rAs an added bonus,  a scallop lace-trimmed slip peeks out from the hem. Gorg!!

DVF Finola dress @ Nordstrom @ $375

I’m lovin the new A line print dresses as well. This one from Nicole Miller is so easy to wear–pair with black tights and black boots or pumps and you’re set! The A line is forgiving on most figures as is the ivory and black graphic print. And the bateau neckline gives small shoulders  added breadth. I also love the contrast border at the hem and sleeve. You might see me in this dress too 🙂

Nicole Miller print dress @ Bloomingdales @ $275

I’ve got to put a plug in for coats. Happy to see the fab color choices this season,. Even more jazzed about the menswear inspired tweeds and prints. I love this Ellen Tracy wrap coat in a brown herringbone with leather piping. The updated design comes with a brown leather sash and amazingly large wing collars. Awesome for the woman who wants to commit to her style savvy baby!

Ellen Tracy Wrap coat @ Bloomingdales @ $325

 Long cardigans

A look I always wear in fall is the long tunic cardigan, skinny jeans/leggings and boots. With my 6 foot frame its a look that is a slam dunk for me every time. So how happy am I that it is a big trend for fall! More options, a variety of colors and cool silhouettes. An added twist this season is the skinny belt at the waist. Someone say, ‘Oh yeah!’ Check out this ombre patterned cape (fashionable coined the ‘ruana’ for its dolman sleeve cape/tunic design). Ideal for the tall slender gal like me, this look is banging from head to toe. The cinched waist is an update to keep on trend this season. Love it!

Ombre Ruana @ Bloomingdales @ $85

Check out this funky take on the hoodie by Free People. Two wooden buttons secure the front flap and its cut long so you can pair with fitted jeans.  I love the short capped  dolman-style sleeves and a kangaroo pocket. A great casual look that is sharp and edgy too!

Free People Tunic hoodie @ Nordstrom @ $118

If you want to splurge on a tunic cardigan this one might be it. With variegated striping and woolly trim detail on the cuffs this cardigan is sophisticated and dramatic.

M Missoni Stripe Cardigan @ Nordstrom @ $745

 The Image Diva, Elan Image Management