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It’s Valentines Day: Love thyself. Let us Count the ways!

Sunday is Valentines Day. And regardless, we all need a healthy dose of pampering and TLC now and then to make us feel beautiful. Sometimes it can be a quick fix and other times it is utter indulgence that has long lasting effects. But don’t wait for somebody else to take care of you – take matters into your own hands and indulge yourself. Try any or all of these suggestions:

1.    What’s more indulgent than a warm, aromatic bubble bath? Fill the tub with a moisturizing, scented bubble bath, light some candles, put on your favorite music and relax. And remember to breathe.

2.    Treat yourself once a month to your most indulgent dessert and make sure you enjoy every morsel. Life is too short not to have dessert in it.

3.    The ultimate pamper (for me at least) is giving your body the gift of touch. Schedule a massage routinely to relive stress, release ‘feel good’ hormones and to pamper yourself. Again it’s all about feeling good and every way counts.

4.    Do that thing you always say you’d do, ‘if only’. Just do it! Next week I’m going to join some local ladies and have fun learning how to belly dance. I think it’s so cool! Maybe for you it’s taking a swim class, doing yoga, learning how to speak another language. The point is to make the time to commit to doing the things that thrill your heart.

5.    Bling is the thing! Treat yourself to a luxury item that makes you look and feel fabulous. And luxury does not have to mean expensive. Every person should invest in  a signature watch at a certain point in their life. It’s a status symbol but one that’s not so much about flaunting it but about acknowledging your good taste. A signature handbag is another must. Or it can be something small like a tinydrop earring that makes you feel so pretty. Go ahead – you deserve it!

6.    Pamper yourself with a hair masque that not only feels wonderful, it will enrich and nourish your hair as well. Shampoo your hair and then add bucket loads of the hair masque that’s best suited to your hair type. I usually suggest a plastic shower cap or you can wrap your hair in a towel if you prefer. The heat helps the masque soak right through to the inner hair shaft. After the required time, rinse and condition as usual.

7.    Block at least an hour out of your diary and go buy all the latest style and fashion magazines. Then get comfortable in your fav sofa chair and indulge in some fantasy!

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Want hair and makeup advice? Read about a cool new site that does just that!

If you’re like me you’re always trying to stay on top of the latest beauty trends, but with all the products, brands, and new formulations, it can be a daunting prospect. It’s even harder when you trying to start from scratch. What color blush best suits me? How do I bring out my eye color? Can I wear red lipstick? Add that to trying to decide if you should change your hair cut and/or color! Now you’re really going to be confused.

As always, I’m here to show you there is help. Really solid, no brainer type of help that can guide you whether you have questions about makeup, hair or beauty products in general. The answer? A new interactive online website,, the brainchild of Hearst magazines Digital Media, a unit of Hearst Magazines. covers topics related to hair, makeup, skin, body and fragrance, as well as diet and exercise, stress relief, sleeping better, eating well and other wellness subjects. But what makes the site really special is the robust interactive makeover tool that lets you try new looks on the site by uploading your own photo. Couple that with step by step guides on almost every beauty question you want answered and you have a comprehensive content driven site totally dedicated to helping you bring out your fabulous best looks.

“While there are beauty sites out there, most of them are not connected with editorially-based features and content. What we bring to the table is deep editorial expertise with a customized experience for the consumer,” said Chuck Cordray, SVP and GM Hearst Magazines Digital Media in the site’s press announcement this past August.

Added Nicole Stagg, founding editor of, “Our research has shown that women are looking for a highly personalized site that covers all aspects of beauty. This led to the development of’s editorial voice as well as our proprietary ‘Beauty Book’ toolbar, which will allow site visitors to get beauty advice and information targeted specifically at them.”

Photo courtesy of

Regarding the site’s makeover tool, Stagg asserts, “ Our new makeover tool, called ModiFace, is different from other makeover tools because, for the first time, it allows users to upload photographs, without having to calibrate facial positioning, and instantly see how they would look with new hairstyles, hair colors and cosmetics. You can get really specific with the tool – for example, plumping your eyelashes or lips. In future phases, the application will allow users to visualize anti-aging and simulate weight loss." Wow!

What really impresses me about the site is that it talks to women of all ethnicities, (Caucasian, Asian, African American, Indian and Latino), ages and lifestyles and brings together expert opinion and personalization of ‘real beauty’ to all women. That is a focus missing from similar sites and one that sets apart.

So if you have not already been intrigued and hopped on to check it out I highly recommend you jump on it.—your one stop destination to bring out the ‘real beauty’ in you!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Jennifer Anniston gets a sexy new look for Elle’s September cover

Ok folks I must admit it. I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston. Her acting is average at best. And honestly her roles are just different platforms for her to play ‘Rachel’. So never been too impressed with her movies which in truth, have not been the box office hits most will like them to be. And there’s her style. Its pretty basic–lots of black, jeans galore, a crisp white shirt, maybe a scarf nowadays, same hairstyle for years–straight blow out. Don’t get me wrong. It works. She always looks pulled together and effortlessly casual. And I can’t tell you how many of my clients consider her to be their fashion icon. But to me it’s just always been so predictable. Red Carpet–guess what Jen will be wearing? A simple classic black gown. Out and about and you’ll find her in a great fitting pair of jeans. Maybe a blazer, black of course. Predictable.


I like that Jen is down to earth, no frills and classic with her style, but I’ve always felt with her she was just playing it safe. I mean the same hair ALL the time? To me, it was just her ‘uniform’ and uniforms are boring.


So imagine my surprise to see a peek at her in the September cover of Elle, looking all…sultry and sexy. Yes, quite! Hair is curly and she instantly transforms into a sassier version of herself. Her makeup –a tad more than usual on the eyes (pretty!) and although she is rocking her signature black, its a leather BUSTIER! Wow! Jen has rarely flaunted her sexy /alluring side and she unquestionably has one of the best bods in the business.  On this cover and shoot she is flaunting it and I sure hope its the beginning of more surprises from her. Being close to 40 can bring that out in a woman–suddenly they realize ‘if not now when?’ and then they really start to rock it out. On the September Elle cover  I love her attitude and that mischievous twinkle in her eye. She is smokin’.


But that isn’t all! Check out these inside photos where she amps up the sexy quotient:

Yes we are seeing more of her breast than usual. Men the world over are going to swoon over this picture.

I want to high five her–for embracing her fabulousness and sexiness in a very tasteful way. You got it girl! Flaunt it.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Beauty for a Benefit

As women we don’t need any excuse  to get pampered but too often we deny ourselves one of lives indulgent privileges. Whether you are a thriving entrepreneur, Mom, Mogul on the Make or hard working professional, we all at some point need to relax, unwind, refresh and recharge.
Tweak Your ‘(she)ic’ Image & Beauty Fundraiser , sponsored by Élan Image Management is just the event you need to attend . This distinguished event for women is all about helping you  feel pampered, and relaxed, while you play and  mingle with like-minded women. And just by your participation you help support a local charity that supports women: Suited for Change. Get your ‘(she)ic’ tweaked at Élan Image Management’s, ‘Tweak your (she)ic’ Image & Beauty Fundraiser on Sunday June 7th @ Hotel George.

Be polished, preened and fussed over while sampling a variety of indulgent beauty and style services from premier women owned businesses.

Score with amazing goodie bags and a chance to win fabulous door prizes.

Okay so I’ll give you a few hints : Nepresso chocolates, Mini makeup kits, lingerie bags, exotic teas, designer jewelry, gift certificates for  hair services, the cutest lipstick holders and more.  And that’s just the goodie bags! Door prizes to look forward to? Wardrobe makeover, portrait sitting, facial rejuvenation treatments, massage, lingerie consult, coaching session, and more!
All this possible thanks to our generous donors and ‘Tweakers’—the professionals who will be on hand to serve you and what a group we’ll have at this event:


How can you not treat yourself to a Tweak ticket? Come on, you deserve it! To purchase, visit:

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Accent with Accessories: Five More Tips

Accessories are the fashion savvy woman’s secret weapon to looking glamorous. They are the subtle threads that help pull a look together. Like icing on a cake, they add the final and finishing accent to make your creative presentation sublime. Whatever your accessory treasure trove consists of, make sure it punctuates your personal style and image aspirations. Your image and style speaks volumes about you. Are you aware of what you are saying?

Here are five more tips on accenting with accessories!

  • Rock it like you mean it! If you are wearing an unusual/expensive/stunning piece you need to have the confidence to really make it work! I still remember Angelina Jolie at this years Oscars with her emerald drop earrings and cocktail ring. With a black strapless gown. Just stunning! In her casual outfit below, Rachel Bison’s bag in the centerpiece –its hip, funky, bold and it works because everything else in her outfit is understated. Her look, ‘funky casual.’



  • Consider the full suite of accessories—jewelry, watches, shoes, purses, wallets, belts, umbrella, gloves, hats, scarves—the list is long. These are all tools that you can use to create the perfect panache to your ensemble. In the picture below, in Eva L’s ensemble its all about the cute ruffled bag but her shoes, earrings and bangles help her nail the look too. And the top, very chic and fits her impeccably. Her look, "Feminine chic."

Zoe’s neutral toned goddess dress is accented with bold black and gold strappy shoes –the statement piece here. Her clutch, earrings and bracelet and hair add the finishing touches. Her look says, ‘Bronze Goddess’


  • Think ‘eyes up’. Essentially you want to use accessories to draw the eyes to your face. Read my post (LINK) on this topic.
  • Don’t be afraid to use accessories as a way to express your cultural heritage. Padma Lakshmi, (Top Chef’s host) embraces her Indian heritage in the pieces she wears. Indian women love gold jewelry, African and South American women are used to beads in their heritage. Austrian crystals are renowned as are the Murano glass crafted by Italians. 
  • Maybe you want to consider a trademark? Remember Meryl Streep’s character in the Devil Wears Prada and her love of white Hermes scarves? She wore them in a different way everyday. Beyonce LOVES her uber size earrings. Jennifer Aniston has embraced the scarf. The ‘Gossip Girls’ killed the headband. Beyonce usually wears signature big sunglasses and big hoops as in the photo below. A lot is going on here but I like it-there’s the long layered necklace, the bag, the platform shoes. It works because she is wearing a simple white jumpsuit and matching black/white wrap left open. The look says ‘funky bohemian!’

Below her vest is almost like an accesory because it is such a signature piece and so striking. She tones it down with denim shorts and no earrings (unnusual for her). Her signature oversized sunglasses and the really strappy black sandals keep the look interesting without going over the top. This look; ‘Edgy casual’

I love big, bold necklaces—the more eclectic the better. Below are stars going all out to make a bold accessory statement with necklaces. Love Sarah Jessica Parker’s layering of multiple necklaces against her pewter hued dress–look at how they seem to make her tiny eyes pop that much more! Joy Bryant’s necklace seems to overpower her though because she is wearing too little makeup (something I wish she’d do less of–I get the natural look but she looks like she just woke up!) so it seems out of place. Liv rocks it out with a funky cluster (and lovin her shorter hair!)

So what do you want your look to say? Discover your own unique accessory style.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consulting

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Get Your ‘(she)ic’ Tweaked on June 7th!

Media Advisory of June 7th image/beauty event  in Washington DC       
Media Contact: Event Sponsor, Natalie Jobity, President, Élan Image Management, 301-637-6849


Get Your ‘(she)ic’ Tweaked!
A Signature Event to Celebrate and Empower Women

Washington DC metro, May 21st 2009 –Where else can you get professional advice, tips, demos and free consults  from some of the area’s premier image and beauty professionals at the same venue? At ‘Tweak Your (she)ic’ Image & Beauty Lounge, Sunday June 7th, 2009 from 1-5 pm at downtown DC’s Hotel George. A large portion of proceeds from sales will benefit Suited for Change.

  • Learn how to choose the right shapewear and bra for your body with the experts at Coup de Foudre Lingerie
  • Relax and Unwind with seated massages from the masseuses’ at Lunar Massage DC
  •  Let  Élan Image Management, Image Consulting coach you with wardrobe, fashion and styling 411 and help you prep for your complimentary glamour shot
  • Get glammed with a blowout or a sample a new set of lashes from PR at Partners Metro Center
  • Indulge in decadent mini mani/pedis from Nail Taxi
  • And more from ‘Tweakers’ (Be You Bi Yu spa, Marilyn Johnson Sewing and Design Studio, Heartmind Connection, Summark Faces, Chrystopher Robinson photography, JaJuan Reed) who will be on hand to do demos, give advice, and share tips on makeup, skincare, fitting/altering your clothing, relationship coaching, personal training, take your glamor shot and more!

Guests will leave the event feeling pampered, polished and preened and score with fabulous door prizes and the ‘Tweak your (she)ic’ SWAG with products from area businesses.  The tagline; ‘Empower a woman in need. Empower yourself!’ really embodies the spirit of the event, sponsored by Élan Image Management. Participation in the Acessory Swap ensures snagging even more goodies!

Tickets can be purchased online and in advance only at the event website: which also includes all the event details. $65 general admission, $85 VIP.

About: Suited for Change was founded in 1992 to help disadvantaged women get jobs by providing them the tools they need to confidently present themselves in interviews & in their new jobs.

About: Élan Image Management an image and wardrobe consulting company has a mission to empower and educate women to make more informed choices about their image. We work with women to help them discover, define and project their own unique signature style and develop an image that positions them for success. 

For additional information, advertising opportunities, media inquiries/interviews, and media passes to the event please contact Natalie Jobity at Élan Image Management at 301-637-6849 or


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10 Terrific Reasons to Attend ‘Tweak your (she)ic’ Image & Beauty Lounge

Why attend ‘Tweak your (she)ic’ Image & Beauty Lounge? Here are 10 Terrific Reasons!

  1. Indulge in decadent mini mani/pedis, seated massages, facial massage and personal training pointers.
  2. Mingle, Play and Network with other fabulous women with fun activities like the Accessory Swap (see details about participating on ‘The Tweaking’ page) or getting expert relationship advice.
  3. Renew and Revamp by sampling fresh new makeup, lashes, hair styling, lingerie, the latest in skincare and more.
  4. Get Glammed, styled and preened for your professional glamour shot, solo or with your girls. Get advice on wearing new fashion trends and optimal ways to dress your body.
  5. Get Measured and learn how a proper fitting bra and the right foundation can improve the way you look. Understand your body measurements.
  6. Relax and unwind your mind body and spirit in an inviting and luxuriating ambiance.
  7. Give back to women who need our help getting back on their feet.
  8. Score by winning ‘to die for’ door prizes from local area donors and ‘Tweakers’ each valued at over $100.
  9. Leave with the irresistible ‘Tweak Your (she)ic’ eco- friendly, reusable SWAG Bag stuffed with fab goodies and treats in a stylish reusable tote.
  10. 1Recession friendly! All this just with the price of admission!!

Register online at See you there!!


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Over 40 Red Carpet Stunners

My previous post showcased some of the best and worst fashions at the Met Institute Gala. But I don’t want you mistaken into thinking that looking fabulous  on the red carpet is only the domain of the 40 and under crowd. Not at all! As an image consultant, many of my clients are over 40 and all have the potential, latent or apparent to look amazing once armed with the tools. So many of my clients have had a complete 180 degree transformation after a 5 hour marathon consulting session –not just externally but internally as well. Because we all know it’s that inner confidence, poise, self assuredness and dare that truly makes a woman a knockout.

The more ‘seasoned’ women who graced the carpet of the Met Gala are proof positive. First Iman. If I’m not mistaken she is in her early 60’s and the woman does not look a day over 40. She is radiant, statuesque and downright gorgeous. Honestly it is my belief that age is just a number anyway, and I personally live by that principle. Iman is proof that rocking the carpet has everything to do with confidence, grace, inner and outer beauty and knowing what works for your body.  She ‘glows’ and by ANY standard is an image of beauty. Truly an inspiration.

The definitely over 60  and still iconic and beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg is another perfect example of this point. Here she is literally outshining Eva Longoria Parker (a stunner in her own right) by the ease and subtle magnetism she projects from her look. Her dress is simple yet elegant and perfect for her. She embodies feminine allure, no, she owns it.  Go Ms Diane!

There are more examples from the Met Gala, but let’s segue for a second back to the original point about 40+ woman looking fab. We have to look no further than the First Lady  to prove this point –whose style, by the way, is being refined and tweaked with every new appearance. At Tuesday’s Time 100 awards where she was a recipient she looks sublime. One of her best yet in my opinion. The sleek long black Azzedine Alaia  dress appropriately corseted to highlight her waist and the wide set spaghetti straps to anchor her strong shoulders and balance her hips—talk about a slam dunk? And the perfectly coiffed hair and impeccable makeup. My oh my. Mrs Obama continues to raise the bar.


The Image Diva,

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‘Tweak Your (she)ic’ with Elan Image Management

Dear Readers,

Élan Image Management is proud to sponsor, ‘Tweak Your (She)ic’ Image & Beauty Lounge, an exclusive event that offers fashion and image conscious women an afternoon of spectacular pampering, rejuvenating and empowerment while supporting a worthy cause: Suited for Change. This event is the materialization of a vision to provide women with access to a variety of image/ beauty/lifestyle service professionals at one event where the focus is on revamping and rejuvenating while supporting a cause that assists underserved women.

In these challenging economic times there are a number of events enticing women to engage in even more consumerism. The message is, ‘buy, buy, buy’. This distinctive event is different as the focus is on service and self care. The Tweak your (She)ic Image & Beauty Lounge tagline; ‘Empower a woman in need. Empower yourself!’ embodies the spirit of the event. The heart of the lounge  is about encouraging women to give back to themselves by taking ownership of their own self care and celebrating the beauty and inner ‘(she)ic’ in us all, while helping raise funds to aid underserved women.

Your admission ticket gives you all these privileges:

  •  Indulge in decadent mini mani/pedis, seated massages, facial massage and personal training pointers.
  • Mingle, Play and Network with other fabulous women with fun activities like the Accessory Swap (see details about participating on ‘The Tweaking’ page) or getting expert relationship advice.
  • Renew and Revamp by sampling fresh new makeup, lashes, hair styling, lingerie, the latest in skincare and more.
  • Get Glammed, styled and preened for your professional glamour shot, solo or with your girls. Get advice on wearing new fashion trends and optimal ways to dress your body.
  • Get Measured and learn how a proper fitting bra and the right foundation can improve the way you look. Understand your body measurements.
  • Relax and unwind your mind body and spirit in an inviting and luxuriating ambiance.
  • Give back to women who need our help getting back on their feet.
  • Score by winning ‘to die for’ door prizes from local area donors and ‘Tweakers’ each valued at over $100.
  • Leave with the irresistible ‘Tweak Your (she)ic’ eco- friendly, reusable SWAG Bag stuffed with fab goodies and treats in a stylish reusable tote.


With these incredible indulgences, don’t you think you deserve to get your ‘(she)ic’ tweaked?

Join us, on Sunday June 7th, from 1-5pm at Hotel George, Washington DC. Buy your tickets early as they can only be purchased online before June 5th at



Let us get our ‘(she)ic’ on!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Eyes Up for Oscars: part 2

Dear Readers,

At last Sunday’s Academy awards show we saw celebrities embracing a few key trends: white and ecru were the hues of the night, asymmetrical necklines ruled,  pleating, tucking and draping were hot and we saw fewer bare necks and ears compared to season’s past—a wonderful thing! This post is a continuation of yesterday’s ‘eyes up’ post, so without further ado…

Sometimes it’s all about rocking great hair ladies. Kate Winslet is so gorgeous, truly-love her! For this year’s Oscar’s she chose to style her hair in a retro meets futuristic molded style that is so different and yet so perfect for her look last night that she reeks elegant sophistication as always. Of course her amazingly elegant and classic pewter and black Atelier Yves Saint Laurent one shoulder gown and diamond cluster earring s don’t hurt either.


Heidi Klum  went all out last night from her fuchsia pink (great color on her) asymmetrical necklined RM by Roland Mouret gown, to  her attention getting colorful, cluster drop earrings and sleek straight hair. And she doesn’t stop there—she piled it on in her  arms stacking bangles in all colors and styles. Some may think it was overkill but I love that she went over the top with it—almost in a tongue cheek way. Rock the rocks Heidi!

Jessica Biel, despite her incredibly bare chest still maintains ‘eyes up’ principles (her hair falls effortlessly on her shoulders and she is wearing fab diamond drop earrings) but because her dress was so ill fitting it took away completely from her look. The design is a disaster! And where are her feet? I am also not crazy about the white (ecru?) color hue on her at all –she fades away and for a woman so beautiful that is a crime.

I  love how Natalie Portman dresses on the red carpet—pretty, feminine dresses with unusual details and unconventional colors. Last night she wore a strapless Rodarte lilac gown and she looked good and so poised. But I wanted to see more bling. The color pops on her and she is wearing the tiniest diamond studs which help?  But her hair is pulled back and there is a lot of neck and chest  that is just so bare. And her hair and earrings aren’t really working to give us ‘eyes up’. As lovely as Natalie is, she does not stand out to me from afar on this red carpet in spite what the red carpet pundits said. Alicia Keys had a similar look and pulled it off much better.

I feel similarly about Anne Hathaway in her strapless Armani Prive-a white accented with champagne-hued pailletted creation with Swarovski crystals. Hair is pulled back (quite matronly I might add), earrings are too tiny to be statement making and all that bareness on the chest. And quite frankly, not loving the white on her at all. It just blends into her skin. Anne needs to stick to the saturated hues like reds and black which she wears so well. The fit at the bust is also not flattering especially when you see it from the side—she can do so much better. 

Sarah Jessica Parker looked like a fairy princess in her light and airy haute couture gown. It was a pastel, mint green Christian Dior creation with a cinched waist and sweetheart, strapless neckline. She did not don a necklace but her hair (wavy and down) and earrings provided enough interest near her face. Plus all the embellishment above the waist worked in her favor. The dress fits her impeccably and she wore that unusual  color so well. One of my favorite looks on her. 

Want to look red carpet ready without spending  a fortune? Give me a holler!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management