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The Truth about Style Transformations

I want to talk to you for a moment about the transformation that results when a woman takes the time to refine, revamp or revitalize her image.

For some women, it just takes one style consultation session with me at the right time, when they are primed and ready to take action to achieve quick and life changing results.  This group is a lucky minority! For some women, transformation is slower, more paced, more trial and error, but successful nonetheless in the long run. I would say this is true for a third of my clients.

Still other women need multiple ‘sessions’ to make it ‘click’, for all the pieces to come together before they start to see the results they seek. This is probably true for the majority of women. For the rest it is a lifelong refinement, a continual tweaking, an ongoing quest and desire to shine as brightly as possible. I have a special passion for the ladies who recognize the value in investing in themselves this way and continually seek to up their style game.  Some of the most fabulous women I know fall into this category!

The point is the journey is unique and individual to each woman, pretty much like in life. I was a ‘late bloomer’ in most facets that give meaning to that phrase. I survived a very gawky teenage phase, endured a very self-conscious 20’s, and really only started to realize my brilliance physically and in totality much later in my life. Our journeys to self -acceptance and embracement are as unique as we all are and I wanted to take time to acknowledge and celebrate THAT!

Regardless of where you on your own journey, be present, be authentic and really go for it. Reach for the stars and push yourself to be as brilliant as you can. If we collectively take that approach, think of all the twinkling, shining, magnificence that we’ll manifest. Awesome!

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Fashion Consultant: A Few Cool ways I Can Serve You- Styling & Skype

I have had some really cool engagements with clients and it made me think this was a good time in the year to remind you of all the amazing ways I can serve you or your loved ones.  One of the offerings I have always had available is styling and wardrobe services for photo and video shoots. These can be for websites, book covers and book launches, professional photos or glamor shots.  So how exactly do I help you, you may be wondering? Well, I can help bring the team of experts together with a shared vision of making you look amazing. Typically, the dream team includes a photographer and/or videographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, and your very own personal image consultant–me.  I can help you select outfits in your best colors for the camera, which brings out exactly the essence you are trying to convey, in a way that flatters you and makes you feel at ease. I consult with you on how your hair and makeup should be styled and communicate the desired looks to those experts.

On the day of your shoot I am there as your advocate, making sure you feel at ease and of course look and feel fabulous. I loan accessories as needed as well.  In a time when our photos carry so much more weight because they are plastered everywhere-on social media sites like Facebook and Linked In, on your own website, as a representative of your company’s brand, and more often on the front or back of a book, you want to rest assured that your photo is representing you in the most favorable way. I would be delighted to be your fashion consultant.

I also want to remind you that I serve clients nationwide (and a few outside the US). In a world when we have so much fancy technology at our fingertips, it is really easy to be resourceful with a pc, phone and web cam. I have worked with many clients using Skype to critique their wardrobes, coach them on their image and even shop for them online. It’s amazing how much I can accomplish with neither of us ever physically meeting.  So distance is no longer an excuse for not investing in sprucing up your image. Neither is time, because tools like Skype make it really convenient for you to set your own schedule and relax in the comfort of your home while I refine and tweak your image.

Have questions? Give me a holla!

Natalie Jobity, Image Consultant, Elan Image Management.

Elan Image Management Profiled in

Below is an excerpt of my interview with Leandra Roscoe DC’s Home Based Business Examiner columnist.

<<Image consultant Natalie Jobity is on fire. After many years as a marketing research executive, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and become her own boss, and she did it with a passion. For the past 3.5 years, she has run her business, Elan Image Management, from the comfort of her home in Columbia, MD, and is loving every minute of it.  She is now making inroads and more with her successful image consulting business all throughout the Washington region and beyond. How exactly did she get to where she is today? I sat down with Natalie to find out just what makes her tick, and why she loves making people feel good about themselves.

What she does:   She provides one-on-one image coaching, personal shopping services, closet audits/makeovers, frequent workshops on how to look and feel your best, and styling services at photo shoots.  She is also gearing up to do more speaking engagements to groups around the community: "I want to share my passion and what I know and love with everyone I can." She primarily focuses on women’s wardrobe assessments, but also services men’s wardrobe needs as well.

Goals for her clientele:  Her services are custom-tailored for each client, and knows that her clients have their own personal reasons for wanting to change their image.  "There are so many reasons why people want an image consultant, and I try my best to understand the needs of each client and transform their lives in the way they want. I really want to make sure my clients get value, feel good about what they learn in how they can achieve their goals inside and out. I want to get to the inner core of their essence as a woman or man.">>

To read the rest of the story visit: Business Spotlight: Elan Image Management

Élan Image Management is pleased to introduce the ‘New Year, New Gear’™ Teleseminar Image Coaching Program

Have you been dreaming of a new you for 2010? Have you made a commitment to invest in yourself this year and to create the space for real transformation? Are you tired of being stuck in a wardrobe rut? Do you long to learn how to shop smarter and actually have fun doing it? Do you want to step up your presence on the job and ‘walk the talk’ of a woman who is truly dressed for success?

The ‘New Year, New Gear’™ Teleseminar Image Coaching Program was specifically designed for women, as an ongoing image coaching program providing wardrobe consulting, style refinement, empowerment, fun, accountability and image transformation…all from the comfort of your home! Each month, for an entire year (or 6 months) you will receive; a private one-on one image coaching session, a complimentary invitation to a coaching teleseminar, weekly e-mail exercises, insider access to resources and affiliates, discounted admission to wardrobe bootcamps and other events sponsored by Élan Image Management and much more! Get ready for a year full of education, empowerment, fun, fabulousness and most important, transformation!

Program Benefits:

•    Image Transformation: the more engaged you are the greater the transformation
•    The secrets of dressing to impress
•    Affordable and clever ways to optimize your wardrobe
•    Support banishing the negative self talk that keep you from looking fabulous
•    Learn the techniques to creating a wardrobe full of clothing you absolutely love
•    Tips and tricks to dress age appropriately
•    Access to tools and resources to aid your image transformation
•    Learn how to shop smarter not harder and find joy in shopping
•    Help with purging your own closet so you can make room for your new, ‘smarter’ clothing choices
•    Insider access to experts in image, fashion, beauty and design
•    Help goal setting with respect to your image. What are you trying to achieve this year?
•    Step by step guidance to keep you looking stunning throughout the year
•    The ongoing guidance and coaching from wardrobe/style expert and certified image consultant, Natalie Jobity

The program also includes:
•    Free audio (MP3) of all coaching teleseminars
•    Plenty of opportunities for Q&A
•    A new you, for a minimal monthly investment!
•    And SO much more!!

For more details and to register visit the Teleseminar page

What are you waiting for? Get your image in gear this year by signing up for this transformational, empowering and fun coaching program! REGISTER NOW .

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Elan Image Management Interviewed on NewsChannel 8!

Elan Image Management, image consulting, was honored to be a guest on NewsChannel 8, Let’s Talk Live segment. The show is DC’s only live and local talk show. It was a privilege to share with viewers of Let’s Talk Live on Thursday at 12:15pm about the importance of first impressions and tips for pulling together an effective business look. My host Natasha Barrett was an awesome sport and the interview felt less like one, and more as if I was chatting with an old friend.


Being in studio live was a bit unnerving at first, but after a minute, I didn’t even notice. The time literally flew by and before I knew it we were done. There was SO much more to share–truly I was just getting started! But I appreciate the 7.5 or so minutes of camera time-more than I expected. And folks, it was so much fun!! I LOVE TV!!

I shared tips for dressing for success with viewers and showed makeovers of a few of my clients. 

Thank you to my clients who allowed me to show their photos–so we could add a visual to my words. And thank you News Channel 8 for having me as your guest! It is an honor to be a guest on the only live and local talk show in Washington DC!

In case you missed it on my home page,  watch MY INTERVIEW with NewsChannel 8 by clicking the link.


As always, here’s to purposeful presence!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Ten Reasons to Attend Elan Image Management’s Wardrobe Bootcamp!

Where will you be on Saturday October 17th from 1-5pm? Hopefully at Hotel George in downtown DC at Elan Image Management’s Wardrobe Bootcamp for women! Why, you may be wondering? Good question, and the reason for this post! I have 10 reasons for you and I’m sure after you read them you’ll be at least intrigued if not wanting to sign up immediately! It can make a GREAT gift for a loved one too!

First what is Elan’s wardrobe bootcamp? It is an interactive workshop for women which Natalie Jobity, President of Elan Image Management, an image consulting firm based in Washington DC, will facilitate. We will address a number of key aspects of wardrobe, image and style in a fun, interactive, down to earth environment. You’ll have time to ask questions, participate in lively group discussions and respond to exercises all geared to help you refine your look and style. It’s a great way to get a taste of what happens in a one on one session for a minimal investment and still leave with lots of great information and guidance so you can improve your look immediately.

Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons to attend.

Why attend Elan’s  Wardrobe Bootcamp? 10 reasons

  1. You’ll leave this fun, fast-paced 4-hour Wardrobe Bootcamp with all the information necessary get your wardrobe in gear.
  2. Plan to participate in the Accessory swap where you can trade never used accessories with women in the workshop!
  3. Network with other women like yourself and come prepared with an open mind and ready to learn.
  4. This group workshop is interactive and dynamic. Be prepared to leave with a new pep in your step.
  5. One lucky woman will receive a complimentary 2-hour in person one on one session with me.
  6. As part of your registration packet you will receive a binder with a 15 page booklet of resources, information, and tips and be entered into Élan Image Management’s subscriber database which gives you access to our monthly newsletter and upcoming events.
  7. Learn key tricks on looking effortlessly pulled together.
  8. Get your own outfits critiqued so you understand why they work or not.
  9. As an added bonus, any woman who books a wardrobe audit or personal shopping trip within 30 days after the Wardrobe Bootcamp, will receive 15% off my individual rates.
  10. Leave with a Goodie bag full of beauty treats!

Fun, education, goodies and more! Ladies get your wardrobe in gear –this wardrobe bootcamp is for you! Take advantage of the early bird rate and register before Oct 6th. All the details and registration forms can be accessed on the site at:

Hope to see you there!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Elan Image Management on TV!

Even though it’s 6 weeks old I’ve finally uploaded my interview on ION Media Network’s Metro Magazine feature with host Tanya Dallas Lewis. I am very proud of this interview. The 20 minute segment highlights Elan Image Management’s mission and passion for empowering women: from the Mogul on the make to the Mom needing a remake.The interview shares my thoughts on the importance of image in influencing perceptions as we are constantly sending silent signals about ourselves based on our image. I share how I work with my clients, my target market and all the many services Elan Image Management offers. I loved talking about some of the women I see as great fashion influencers such as the First Lady, Michelle Obama who I do have a strong point of view about. So watch the video to hear about it!!

Thanks to Tanya and ION Media networks for giving me the opportunity to share with viewers what I do!

Video accessible here: Enjoy and do send me your feedback!

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Get Your ‘(she)ic’ Tweaked on June 7th!

Media Advisory of June 7th image/beauty event  in Washington DC       
Media Contact: Event Sponsor, Natalie Jobity, President, Élan Image Management, 301-637-6849


Get Your ‘(she)ic’ Tweaked!
A Signature Event to Celebrate and Empower Women

Washington DC metro, May 21st 2009 –Where else can you get professional advice, tips, demos and free consults  from some of the area’s premier image and beauty professionals at the same venue? At ‘Tweak Your (she)ic’ Image & Beauty Lounge, Sunday June 7th, 2009 from 1-5 pm at downtown DC’s Hotel George. A large portion of proceeds from sales will benefit Suited for Change.

  • Learn how to choose the right shapewear and bra for your body with the experts at Coup de Foudre Lingerie
  • Relax and Unwind with seated massages from the masseuses’ at Lunar Massage DC
  •  Let  Élan Image Management, Image Consulting coach you with wardrobe, fashion and styling 411 and help you prep for your complimentary glamour shot
  • Get glammed with a blowout or a sample a new set of lashes from PR at Partners Metro Center
  • Indulge in decadent mini mani/pedis from Nail Taxi
  • And more from ‘Tweakers’ (Be You Bi Yu spa, Marilyn Johnson Sewing and Design Studio, Heartmind Connection, Summark Faces, Chrystopher Robinson photography, JaJuan Reed) who will be on hand to do demos, give advice, and share tips on makeup, skincare, fitting/altering your clothing, relationship coaching, personal training, take your glamor shot and more!

Guests will leave the event feeling pampered, polished and preened and score with fabulous door prizes and the ‘Tweak your (she)ic’ SWAG with products from area businesses.  The tagline; ‘Empower a woman in need. Empower yourself!’ really embodies the spirit of the event, sponsored by Élan Image Management. Participation in the Acessory Swap ensures snagging even more goodies!

Tickets can be purchased online and in advance only at the event website: which also includes all the event details. $65 general admission, $85 VIP.

About: Suited for Change was founded in 1992 to help disadvantaged women get jobs by providing them the tools they need to confidently present themselves in interviews & in their new jobs.

About: Élan Image Management an image and wardrobe consulting company has a mission to empower and educate women to make more informed choices about their image. We work with women to help them discover, define and project their own unique signature style and develop an image that positions them for success. 

For additional information, advertising opportunities, media inquiries/interviews, and media passes to the event please contact Natalie Jobity at Élan Image Management at 301-637-6849 or


The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consulting

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My New Body: The Faceoff against Skinny girl vs. Curvy girl? Part 2

For years I’ve lived as a curvy girl, needing to watch my carb intake and exercising for health  and weight reasons. And needing to avoid the pencil skirt and its derivatives like the plague. But here’s the gotcha. In the past 7 months my body has slowly been undergoing a new transition due to a variety of reasons. Unbeknownst to me, I had been gradually losing weight. When I was able to fit into a pair of jeans 5 months ago that I had not worn for years, I did not think much other than my exercise regime must have been finally paying off.  Then I broke my wrists 4 months ago and was so consumed with recovering from the injury, I really wasn’t paying attention to what I looked like for months. Until I started being more mobile again and noticing that my jeans were slipping off my hips, and my tummy was smaller, and the butt flatter than usual. And the cleavage, all but gone. Huh?

In one of life’s ironic twists, I am back to being skinny girl. And  heck yes, I have been resisting  the change. So I’ve past denial and depression (well, the loss really of my ‘curves’), skipped anger but I’m slowly starting to accept what feels like a very unfamiliar body. Clothes hang completely differently on me now: on the plus side, I can actually wear those sheath style dresses so in vogue, with ease now. Downside, my jeans aren’t quite as sexy on me as they used to be. And I do miss the cleavage.

Although I am still getting used to this new sleeker image of myself, I focus on embracing the benefits—I can eat what the heck I want apparently (within reason) and I do look more svelte—I can see muscles that I have been working on for years finally poking through that the extra pounds were hiding. And I look younger in some ways. And my face, is a little different as well. Not better or worse, just different.

Curvy me last September: Booty


Curvy me: Cleavage n thighs–don’t let the skinny ankles fool ya!

Curvy me looking preggers (NOT!) with Christian Siriano. OK I am really tall and he is REALLY tiny.

Skinny me: Now able to wear a sheath dress!

And with Cookie (Magic) Johnson. I look like I have no bust! And look ma no hips!

It’s amazing how the grass is always greener on the other side –until you get there. Lesson learned: embrace the body you have right now and dress it with intention and  purpose. And if it morphs on you for any reason, the quicker you accept the new image of yourself, the quicker you reap the benefits. Skinny, slender, curvy, or plus we are all beautiful—we just have to own that notion ourselves.

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My New Body: The Faceoff against Skinny girl vs. Curvy girl?

I have had a stigma about being a ‘skinny girl’ since adolescence. I know that may sound weird, but in the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago  precisely) where I was raised, 6 feet tall modelesque physiques were not revered at all. Au contraire, in Trinidad, curvy girls ruled and still rule.  And I secretly envied all the curvy girls.

Fast forward a few years and I’m in college at Rutgers University, still a ‘skinny girl’ but oh so exalted now. If my self esteem needed a boost this surely hit the mark. Everywhere I was asked if I was a model, told how great it as I was so tall and thin, and I could tell from the mean looks I got from some of my female peers, now I was the one being envied. So I blossomed in this collective embrace of acceptance and admiration.

For years in my 20’s I was comfortable with this body—it’s the only one I knew. But just as curvy girls sometimes wake up one day and wonder how they got from curvy to plus, somewhere in my 30’s I woke up and realized I had become a curvy girl! At first I resisted it—that very thing I longed for in my teens no longer held appeal for me. I liked being a skinny girl. In fact I counted on it. Now I had curves I knew not what to do with. Full thighs, fuller hips, a tummy and a big butt too. It was too much to take at first. And as curvy girls who transition into plus know, the extra pounds just creep up on you until you literally wake up one day with the realization you have a new body.

When you realize your body has changed it is almost akin to going through the 4 stages of mourning (except on a slightly less intense basis): Denial, Depression, Anger, Acceptance. So like every gal with a body in transition, I grieved until I got to acceptance. And once I accepted my new curves I started to embrace them. Finally I had REAL cleavage. And that bigger butt? Well some dudes actually dig that. And with my more pear shaped silhouette, I looked more ‘womanly’ which honestly wasn’t that bad. And to be frank, being 6 foot tall has its benefits, least of which is the ability to mask body issues. Folks on the outside still saw me as a ‘slender’ but I knew better. I also have the advantage of KNOWING how to dress my body to showcase it to its best advantage. After all, as an image consultant, that is the hallmark of how I help my clients.

Read the rest of this post tomorrow!

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