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The Truth about Style Transformations

I want to talk to you for a moment about the transformation that results when a woman takes the time to refine, revamp or revitalize her image.

For some women, it just takes one style consultation session with me at the right time, when they are primed and ready to take action to achieve quick and life changing results.  This group is a lucky minority! For some women, transformation is slower, more paced, more trial and error, but successful nonetheless in the long run. I would say this is true for a third of my clients.

Still other women need multiple ‘sessions’ to make it ‘click’, for all the pieces to come together before they start to see the results they seek. This is probably true for the majority of women. For the rest it is a lifelong refinement, a continual tweaking, an ongoing quest and desire to shine as brightly as possible. I have a special passion for the ladies who recognize the value in investing in themselves this way and continually seek to up their style game.  Some of the most fabulous women I know fall into this category!

The point is the journey is unique and individual to each woman, pretty much like in life. I was a ‘late bloomer’ in most facets that give meaning to that phrase. I survived a very gawky teenage phase, endured a very self-conscious 20’s, and really only started to realize my brilliance physically and in totality much later in my life. Our journeys to self -acceptance and embracement are as unique as we all are and I wanted to take time to acknowledge and celebrate THAT!

Regardless of where you on your own journey, be present, be authentic and really go for it. Reach for the stars and push yourself to be as brilliant as you can. If we collectively take that approach, think of all the twinkling, shining, magnificence that we’ll manifest. Awesome!

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, image consulting


Oprah’s Finale Dress: On brand and On Point

Oprah has evolved into a style icon in her own right. She has found the perfect hairstyles and makeup to complement her features but more significantly understands how to dress to flatter her killer curves. If she has taught viewers anything about style is how to be comfortable in your own skin and look fabulous whether you’re an 8 (her smallest size) or a 16+. What I have always loved about Oprah is how she showcases her feminine sensibilities in understated ways and embraces color in its full glory. Who can rock yellow and hot orange better than Ms O? She wears every color under the sun and looks amazing.

For her show’s final episode, her complete look was a slam dunk. The well coiffed hair flipped up at the ends, the makeup to perfection (subtle smoky eye), her nude heels and THE dress. It was the perfect choice in my opinion. She chose a soft pink, silk dress from designer L’Wren Scott that was custom designed for her. Every detail from the chiffon belt off to the side, the wide scoop neckline, three quarter length sleeves, nipped in waist and just to the knee length, worked to enhance Oprah’s curvy figure. The fit–sublime. The effect–stunning!

The color choice was perfect. Pink as a color conveys softness, femininity, approachability, and warmth.  This was perfectly aligned with her core message in her final show-a show dedicated to her fans. She thanked them for their lessons and for letting her share in their journey’s but she also uplifted and inspired by using her own journey as an example. "There are no coincidences" she underscored. She shared that the past 25 years have been a divinely inspired master plan (led by God) that allowed her to use her stage as her platform.  She wanted her fans to takeaway simple  truths and the things she knows for sure from 25 years helping people live their best lives. Her look, her message, her persona were all aligned. I listened to every word.


Oprah, you are loved and your show will be missed.


Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, image consulting

Dress to impress: 5 tips to dressing like a winner

We’ve all heard the phrase “dress to impress” but when you get to the nitty gritty what does it really mean? Dressing to impress is more than just the clothes you wear. It is your total image presentation, including your clothing, how you accessorize, how groomed you are, your poise and posture, non verbal cues, and more. Because research has proven that people make first impression judgments about us primarily based on how we look, the “dressing” part of dressing for success is very critical.

Dress like a winner and you’ll find that the way the rest of the world interacts with you will change for the better. So how does a winner dress? Here are five tips.


  1. 1. They own their signature style. Your style is an integral part of who you are—it is your personal stamp. A woman of style has a particular way they carry themselves–it stems from confidence but its more than just that. It’s perhaps the ultimate physical manifestation of their self expression.
  2. 2. They understand the benefits of investing in high quality clothing. High quality is not mean the same thing as “expensive” or designer brands. You can find quality clothing at many price points. But the common denominator is that the clothing is manufactured well, holds up to multiple washings and wears well over time. Moreover it fits well because it is made with better fabrication and attention to detail.
  3. 3. They ensure their clothing fits them impeccably whether they are wearing a suit or a sheath dress. Have your clothing altered by professionals as needed or pay attention to the designers and brands that work well for your figure and proportions. When your clothing fits you well you feel better in it and are able to exude mire confidence.
  4. 4. They pay attention to the accent pieces that impact their image and make them a stand out. Accent pieces are like the bow around the wrapping of a present—it makes the gift look more pleasing to the eye, more polished. It is the same with your ensembles. Accents your shoes, handbag, jewelry and scarves punctuate your look and takes your image up several notches.
  5. 5. They look fabulous regardless of the occasion and know that the way they dress speaks loudly about the type of woman they are. They choose classic or timeless designs. They don’t follow fashion trends but instead invest in clothing uniquely appointed to reinforce their style, lifestyle and preferences. In many cases they are the type of women we all look up to and admire.

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, an image consulting firm

Natalie Jobity’s new book “Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It” to be released September 1st 2010

I am beyond thrilled to share with you my excitement about the upcoming release of my first book: “Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style”. This book is for any and every woman who has ever desired  to consistently look her best, understand her signature style, learn how to shop smarter and to build a wardrobe of clothes that flatters her that she absolutely loves. The icing on the cake?  Looking and feeling so great that you are inspired to Flaunt It, on your terms.

This book evolved out of my passion for my work as an image consultant and often being the facilitator for change in the lives of the women I have the privilege of working with. It is their journey’s of transformation that propelled me to want to make a bigger footprint—to really stand up for the power and liberation inherent in the elevation of a woman’s image and the transformation that inevitable takes place in her life as a result.



“Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It” is as much about style, fashion, what to wear and beauty as it is about self esteem, empowerment and motivation. It is my honor to have penned a book that I believe truly can and will make a difference outwardly as well as inwardly in the lives of the readers.

The book will be available for sale online by September 1st 2010. From the Amazon book summary: “This book is an invitation to change how the world sees you and how you see yourself, on your terms. You’ll learn how to dress to elevate your image so you look and feel amazing.  Wherever you are on your image journey-from fashion challenged to emerging fashionista-with Natalie as your guide you will be inspired to "Flaunt It!"”

Stay tuned for details on book signings!

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management. Author, "Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It"

Developing your Unique Style–a Fashion Consultant’s Perspective

Style means knowing yourself and being who you are. It’s about being comfortable in your skin. Despite the occasion or the event the stylish woman seems to have that special charisma that commands attention. Confidence is the hallmark of having true style.

Fashion is a tool, a vessel even to express the innate sensibilities that distinguishes a true woman with style. Fashion is sporadic. Trends come and go and come again. There is little individualism in "fashion" –it is ultimately what is marketed to the consumer by designers, buyers and retailers. It is up to the individual to use fashion to showcase their signature style.

Coco Chanel is the perfect example of a woman who used "fashion" to create her own unique style and by her example, throngs of women followed. They could use her designs to project stronger more commanding and relaxed sensibilities that were unheard of before and by so doing express their own unique styles.

Clothes ultimately are just another layer of how we create and express ourselves which does not mean following trends. Style is what you put on that makes you feel beautiful, stunning and magnetic.

Style is not accidental. It’s comes from a deep awareness of who you are and the trappings you have consciously adopted to convey your persona to the world.
So if you want to get style, don’t look to fashion or designer brands—look within. To your innate preferences, tastes, and creativity.

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‘Packaging’ your Personal Brand”: NAPW seminar for Women

Is your image conveying the message you want it to convey? Are you an entrepreneur or professional who needs to step up her look so her image speaks the words aligned with her company’s brand? Then, join me on Thursday June 17th at 4:30 for a great networking event.

The NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) Annapolis Chapter, is pleased to invite you to attend a 90-minute interactive workshop with Natalie Jobity, image consultant, an expert in the areas of image, personal branding, and dressing for success.

Our image or personal brand speaks volumes for who we are.  It sends signals about our intelligence, competence, confidence, level of success, and a host of other unscientific output, which may or may not be true.  For optimal impact, we must be sure to make focused and conscious choices about the messages our image ‘business card’ is transmitting.

Here are a few of the highlights of this workshop:

*   Learn the key elements of an effective personal brand
*   Get smart on why dressing with intention and purpose can be a pathway to success
*   Understand the impact of first impressions and how to ensure yours are positive and lasting
*   Explore ways to use your signature style and image to reinforce your businesses brand image

Join other women like yourself for this engaging and valuable seminar at the Naval Reserve Club in Annapolis MD. To register and for further details please RSVP HERE.
Hope you can join us!


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Recent survey reveals startling findings on women and their perceptions of self image

Times are really changing. Gone are the days when women view their biggest ‘looking their best’ day as their wedding day (for better or worse) but instead their first job interview. What? Yes!

A survey conducted in December 2009 by The Florida Department of Citrus released findings of the “Grapefruit Guide to Glamorous Moments Poll” recently, which reveals American women’s true confessions on their diet, weight loss, and beauty regimens.

Results show the extreme measures women will take to look their best at key events and the relative importance they place on weight, fitness, and conventional beauty. Topping the list?

  • Apparently, the value women place on looking good appears to be skin deep. Nearly four in ten women would choose wrinkle-free skin over the gift of a new car.
  • Two-thirds (66 percent) of women who try to lose weight for a glamorous occasion admit that they have followed a fad diet in an effort to generate quick results   rather than a long-term healthy eating plan.
  • Nearly seven out of ten (67 percent) women have avoided being photographed at special events because they felt unhappy with their appearance.
  • If given the choice, 81 percent of women would rather lose two dress sizes than meet a celebrity they admire, and a shocking 44 percent of women would rather lose $5,000 of their income than gain 20 pounds (what recession?).


A full list of results can be viewed on our multimedia site: Florida Grapefruit

Also on the site are healthy eating and lifestyle tips from our new partner, celebrity nutritionist Carrie Latt Wiatt, who currently works with Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

So what do these statistics tell us? That we need to start taking better care of ourselves from the inside out and stop looking for quick fixes. More importantly, if we really want that flawless complexion and that toned body for our ‘red carpet’ like moments we have to work consistently at it. Proper eating habits, exercise and healthy beauty regimens are the way to achieve our outward image goals and to feel great about our appearance regardless of the event.

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Color me Beautiful! Tips to finding your best wardrobe colors.

Contrary to myth, everyone can wear virtually every color– it’s the correct hue, tone, tint or shade of that color that will make the difference between looking amazing or awful. Here are some suggestions to help you discover how to use color to your advantage, from your helpful image consultant.

  •  Your image and presentation gives people cues on how they should interact with you. How do you want to be perceived? When the colors you wear work for you, you feel energized, look radiant and ‘pop’ in your clothing. Colors that work against you are those that wash you out, make YOU disappear or that overwhelm your natural coloring. Often in an image consultation session, when I do color analysis on a client there are a few color drapes that I remove very quickly because I see how the color ‘drags her down’. I literally cannot bear to see the color’s negative effect on her. Color is that powerful.  It illicits an immediate emotional, mental or physical reaction which can be positive or negative. You want people to respond favorably towards you based on the colors you chose to wear.
  • The colors you wear from the waist up are the ones that matter. They are the ones that enhance or detract from your facial skintone, eyes and hair, which results in you looking more attractive or not. You want the colors you wear closest to your head/neckline to draw the eye of the onlooker up to your face. Colors that are too strong or too contrasting for your skin/hair/eyes are going to draw the eyes away from your face and to the stronger colors instead. You don’t want the colors you wear to ‘wear’ you. You must always command attention not the color you are wearing. Make sense?
  • Color is more than just looking great; it’s about feeling great as well. Certain colors are invigorating and refreshing and lift our mood when we wear them. Others may pull our mood down and make us look dour. This is entirely dependent upon the wearer. For me, warm brights enliven me—such as pea green, coral red, banana yellow or red-orange. Earthtones make me feel, well,  more earthy and grounded. These are the warm browns, olive greens, rust, burnt sienna etc.  Whereas drab or overly ‘cool’ colors really put a damper on my spirits. I am never really receptive to blues unless it’s a turquoise or teal blue (‘warmer’ blues). And pastels not only wash me out but make me feel washed up! Not having it! Everyone will have their own preferences. Understand how you feel when you wear or are surrounded by certain colors,
  • Colors have their own energies.  Yellow is innately a happy, vivacious color. Blue is more calming. Green is balancing and restorative. Red is commanding, confident and passionate.  Purple is seductive and regal. Orange is adventurous and magnetic. Understand each color’s energy and wear strategically to achieve the goals you want. I recently advised a client to wear a red jacket to her annual performance review because she had a challenge with conveying assertiveness and confidence. She took my advice (and then some!) and had an amazing review. She felt the difference is wearing her ‘power’ red in a jacket and thus acted accordingly.
  • Many people think they can’t wear red and this is such a mistake! Red is such a powerful color, both authoritative and alluring at the same time. Red lipstick, red dresses, red shoes, red ties—there is a reason why red is chosen by those who want to project command. It is an irresistible color and you do yourself an injustice if you skip this color in your wardrobe. Plus it is a little known fact that red can work with ANY neutral in your closet! Just be careful to find the hue that is enhancing on you.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consulting

Look Stunning with These Tips on fit, color and accessorizing

The Oscar red carpet is the crème de la crème of red carpets and we all wait in anticipation to see what our favorite celebs would wear. For me, as an image consultant I’m always curious to see who I think nailed it and who missed the mark. Definitely a lot to learn from the fashions at this year’s event.

What makes stunning?

I have two favorites for who just looked amazing from head to toe. First, Meryl Streep. Simply sublime. Kudos to Project Runway alum Chris March who designed this figure flattering drapey shawl collar creation. Meryl is a vision in this classic white tuxedo inspired gown which fits her impeccably. And every detail works, her hair, makeup, silver clutch and diamond earrings, bracelets and ring all by Fred Leighton. She looks fabulous.

Steve Granitz/wire.

Demi Moore, looks so stunning in a very feminine diaphanous salmon gown designed by Atelier Versace. Silk ruffles cascade down the skirt with a fitted strapless bodice on top. The color looks amazing on her, it fits her like a glove and her gorgeous drop earrings and diamond cuff are just the details that make for a slam dunk.
So what makes these two stunners: Gowns that fit them and suit their personality. Colors that work for their complexion. Accessories that punctuate and enhance. And hair and makeup that finish off their looks .

Jason Merrit/Getty

The Importance of getting color right
I am a big proponent on women wearing colors that make them shine because it can have such a huge impact. I am always amazed when some celebs walk the carpet in a beautiful dress that just is not the right color for them. At Sunday night’s Oscars, Penelope Cruz in a deep wine dress got her color right—she radiates in her dress because her dark hair and eyes and skin are enlivened by that color. Gabourey Sidibe also rocked her cobalt blue off-the-shoulder dress by Marchesa.

/ Frazer Harrison/Getty

AP photo/Matt Sayles

Who got color wrong? Julianne Moore just disappears in her white dress. It does nothing for her. A snooze. Diane Kruger, also missed the mark with a creme dress with black accents. Not crazy about the dress’s design (Chanel) and the color does not help. Washes her out and the black is just too jarring.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty


Ap/ Chris Pizzello

On the Flip side, I love fuchsia and I love that Vera Farmiga dared to wear that color in her very constructed Marchesa ruffled gown. But if you look long enough you’ll realize you are staring at the dress and not her face. Why? Because the color is too strong for her skin eyes and hair. In other words, the color is wearing her- not such a good thing.

Jason Merrit/Getty

Lesson, if your dress is not the right color it does not matter how gorgeous your gown is, you just won’t nail it. Read more in my article on 6 ways to wow with color

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Seven Secrets of Successful Well-dressed Women

What is it about the successful well dressed woman that makes her stand apart from her counterparts? She looks the part and owns it. She knows who she is and what she stands for. Her inner core and outward presentation are perfectly aligned. She is acutely aware of her personal brand and executes upon its tenets every day, every time—consistently. I work with women like this as a personal shopper, image and fashion consultant. She gets it. She understands the power inherent in having an image that is a notch above.

If you want to be perceived as such a woman read these seven tips for guidance.

1. Have a Defined Signature Style
Know your signature style. Your style becomes part of your personal brand which in business is critical. Your personal brand is your advertisement about who you are and what you stand for. It must be credible, authentic and sustainable.
2. Invest in Quality
Well dressed corporate women understand the benefits of investing in high quality clothing. They are aware that quality is associated with success. They invest in themselves before asking others to invest in their company, product or service.
3. Utilize  Experts
Be clear about the limits of your own knowledge. Women who look fabulous don’t wing it. They don’t leave their personal brand to chance. They hire experts to perfect their image and mold a personal brand that is a slam dunk.  Many invest in stylists, image consultants, or personal shoppers to help them execute upon their brand.
4. Be Organized
An organized closet is one that is easy to work with. You see everything, things are organized by color, function, or item and you can mix and match with aplomb. A well-ordered closet is a key to creating polished ensembles and avoiding unnecessary wardrobe duplication.
5. Pay Attention to Detail
Not paying attention to the little details can be a deal breaker. The most high end designer  suit won’t send the right signal when paired with a scrappy handbag or when saddled with a pair of shoes that need to be retired.
6. Have outfits for every Occasion
Successful women own a well-rounded wardrobe that mirrors their lifestyle, personal style, personality and goals. So whether it’s a board meeting or a fundraiser, they always have the the right outfits to shine
7. Timelessness not Trendiness
Smart women focus on style and its impact, not fashion trends. They care less about trends and invest in clothing uniquely appointed to complement their image goals, figure and personal brand. They ensure they invest in timeless pieces that fit impeccably.

Your wardrobe is a mirror reflecting the woman you present to the world. If you aspire to be perceived as successful, then your wardrobe should be outfitted with items befitting the power broker that you are.