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7 Ways to Look Fabulous & Flaunt It on Valentine’s Day!

I love this quote from Michael Kors who was recently interviewed for In Style magazine. He shares, "Don’t dress to go with your age. Dress to go with your body. So much depends on self image! I know women over 49 who love their legs and 29 year old girls who hate their arms. Don’t let ‘age rules’ dictate what you wear." If you read my book ‘Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It‘ you’ll know I highly endorse this perspective. Sometimes we are what we wear and if you dress frumpy,  you sure won’t be turning any heads.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Celebrate your inner lioness and break out all the stops, regardless of how you spend your evening. Here are 7 quick tips to guide you!

  1. Take time to style your hair. So many women I work with just don’t bother and they have a litany of excuses as to why. If merely to please the man in your life on V-Day (or to get glammed for yourself) take the time to style your hair in a way that makes you feel beautiful.
  2.  Wear a skirt or dress. For most of us it’s winter and we’re all clothed up. Show off some leg on Monday. Don a pair of textured stockings that are all the rage now. Or show your arms. Or a little cleavage. Or a peek of your back. You will feel more feminine and will exude allure.
  3.  Please go the extra mile with your make-up, especially your lips and eyes. You can’t imagine the difference it makes to your sparkle quotient. Dare to paint your lips a shade of red. Put on a couple coats of mascara. Try a new eye shadow.  Make your command central, your face, simply irresistible.
  4. Come thee bejeweled. This is one of those days when you want to bring your ‘A’ game. Dangly earrings, a statement necklace, killer cuffs on the wrists, blinging rings-all good. Wearing jewelry will make you feel as fabulous as you’re going to look.
  5. Even if you’re a tall gal like I am, heels really do make you strut that much more convincingly. I’m not asking you to wear them all day now and they don’t have to be 4". Just skip the flats, ok?
  6. Wear a color that makes you pop! Ensure that there is no mistaking that you are Present and just radiating beauty. Any color that makes your eyes sparkle will be a winner.
  7. Wear a scent that will make your man want to cuddle with you all night. Perfume is an invisible accessory but on a day like this it can seal the deal. Your man will be hopelessly and happily yours all night long.

Be Fabulous!!

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, an image consulting firm


Fashion Trends, Hits and Misses at the 2010 Grammy Awards

Like the other award shows this month, the Grammy’s red carpet is a platform to showcase the trends that are sure to flourish in spring. One trend I am really digging is the bold  pop of color. At the Globes we saw a lot of purple (Sandra Bullock) and cobalt blue (Maggie G). We also saw some stunning white gowns—no one looked better than Kate Hudson at the Globes! At the Grammy’s, Fergie gives us a taste of color in her Pucci colbalt blue mini. She looks stunning and stands out from the pack because there really wasn’t a whole lot of color on the Grammy red carpet. But there was plenty white, black and other neutrals.

Steve Granitz/ Wire Images

White: Lada Gaga made her entrance in a white Armani Prive dress. Read my critique on Lady Gaga at the Grammys.

Stunner Rihanna, mixed it up and wore a long Elie Saab gown that pretty much covered her up head to toe. This gown is overly worked and not flattering on the singer. Feathers, chiffon armored looking cap sleeves—we can’t see her youthful frame and it’s just TOO much. Sorry Rihanna not a winner.

Steve Granitz/Wire Images

Carrie Underwood also strutted on the red carpet in a white gown. This one I loved for her. Simple yet elegant. Fresh and fashion forward. Ethereal and angular at the same time with its one shoulder design. All in all a lovely balance of aesthetics. This is a feminine look with an edgy side, which pretty much describes Carrie.  Her accessories add a beautiful finishing touch. Carrie looks like she can float away on a cloud—so easy and effortless. Kudos!

Larry Busacca/Wire Images

Black was also a theme at the Grammy’s just like the Globes. Singer Ciara probably wore the most risqué design with her lacy peek a boo black Givenchy haute couture ensemble. I loved how she kept her makeup clean and simple and accessories minimal—the outfit had enough going on!

Larry Busacca/Wire Images

Jennifer Hudson wore head to toe black (literally) in a Victoria Beckham design. I don’t mind the dress, really. I like that as a curvier, larger size girl, Jhud goes for it. She shows appropriate cleavage and dresses to enhance her assets. But I think the dark black hose, shoes and hair with the straight long black bangs makes her look too somber though. Its all too serious—in stark contrast to Carrie. Jhud I love you in color—embrace it girlfriend!

Larry Busacca/Wire Images

Dark blue was also a hit at the 52nd Grammy awards. Taylor Swifts looks so glamorous and sophisticated in her off the shoulder, glittery navy gown designed by Kaufman Franco. Her dress fits her impeccable. Hair and makeup perfection. Authentic as usual. Wavy hair her signature . Love her long dropped diamond earrings. She looks so beautiful.

Steve Kranitz/Wire Images

Glee actress Lea Michele made her Grammys debut in a navy minidress from Romona Keveza  that was both sexy, stylish and fun. Accented with a full shredded chiffon skirt, one shoulder design and cinched waist she looked gorgeous.

Kevin Mazur/Wire Images

Neutral shades were also popular on this red carpet. Beyonce wore a blush colored gown. Read my article on Beyonce’s look . Singer  Katy Perry looked exotic in an Indian inspired,  nude, floor-skimming. flower-embellished Zac Posen dress. I like the idea of the dress but I’m not crazy about it on her. The color doesn’t work, the styling does not enhance and its forgettable. Snooze.

Larry Busacca/Getty

Pink whose performance was the hit of the night won my award for best neutral toned dress and contender for best dressed period. I love the scalloped tiers, the ombre color design from silver to blush to gray to black. Her body never looked better and this dress flaunts it. Way to go Pink!

  Steve Granitz / Wire Images

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards live  Jan. 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, on CBS.

The Image Diva, image consultant and President of Elan Image Management

Want hair and makeup advice? Read about a cool new site that does just that!

If you’re like me you’re always trying to stay on top of the latest beauty trends, but with all the products, brands, and new formulations, it can be a daunting prospect. It’s even harder when you trying to start from scratch. What color blush best suits me? How do I bring out my eye color? Can I wear red lipstick? Add that to trying to decide if you should change your hair cut and/or color! Now you’re really going to be confused.

As always, I’m here to show you there is help. Really solid, no brainer type of help that can guide you whether you have questions about makeup, hair or beauty products in general. The answer? A new interactive online website,, the brainchild of Hearst magazines Digital Media, a unit of Hearst Magazines. covers topics related to hair, makeup, skin, body and fragrance, as well as diet and exercise, stress relief, sleeping better, eating well and other wellness subjects. But what makes the site really special is the robust interactive makeover tool that lets you try new looks on the site by uploading your own photo. Couple that with step by step guides on almost every beauty question you want answered and you have a comprehensive content driven site totally dedicated to helping you bring out your fabulous best looks.

“While there are beauty sites out there, most of them are not connected with editorially-based features and content. What we bring to the table is deep editorial expertise with a customized experience for the consumer,” said Chuck Cordray, SVP and GM Hearst Magazines Digital Media in the site’s press announcement this past August.

Added Nicole Stagg, founding editor of, “Our research has shown that women are looking for a highly personalized site that covers all aspects of beauty. This led to the development of’s editorial voice as well as our proprietary ‘Beauty Book’ toolbar, which will allow site visitors to get beauty advice and information targeted specifically at them.”

Photo courtesy of

Regarding the site’s makeover tool, Stagg asserts, “ Our new makeover tool, called ModiFace, is different from other makeover tools because, for the first time, it allows users to upload photographs, without having to calibrate facial positioning, and instantly see how they would look with new hairstyles, hair colors and cosmetics. You can get really specific with the tool – for example, plumping your eyelashes or lips. In future phases, the application will allow users to visualize anti-aging and simulate weight loss." Wow!

What really impresses me about the site is that it talks to women of all ethnicities, (Caucasian, Asian, African American, Indian and Latino), ages and lifestyles and brings together expert opinion and personalization of ‘real beauty’ to all women. That is a focus missing from similar sites and one that sets apart.

So if you have not already been intrigued and hopped on to check it out I highly recommend you jump on it.—your one stop destination to bring out the ‘real beauty’ in you!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Beauty for a Benefit

As women we don’t need any excuse  to get pampered but too often we deny ourselves one of lives indulgent privileges. Whether you are a thriving entrepreneur, Mom, Mogul on the Make or hard working professional, we all at some point need to relax, unwind, refresh and recharge.
Tweak Your ‘(she)ic’ Image & Beauty Fundraiser , sponsored by Élan Image Management is just the event you need to attend . This distinguished event for women is all about helping you  feel pampered, and relaxed, while you play and  mingle with like-minded women. And just by your participation you help support a local charity that supports women: Suited for Change. Get your ‘(she)ic’ tweaked at Élan Image Management’s, ‘Tweak your (she)ic’ Image & Beauty Fundraiser on Sunday June 7th @ Hotel George.

Be polished, preened and fussed over while sampling a variety of indulgent beauty and style services from premier women owned businesses.

Score with amazing goodie bags and a chance to win fabulous door prizes.

Okay so I’ll give you a few hints : Nepresso chocolates, Mini makeup kits, lingerie bags, exotic teas, designer jewelry, gift certificates for  hair services, the cutest lipstick holders and more.  And that’s just the goodie bags! Door prizes to look forward to? Wardrobe makeover, portrait sitting, facial rejuvenation treatments, massage, lingerie consult, coaching session, and more!
All this possible thanks to our generous donors and ‘Tweakers’—the professionals who will be on hand to serve you and what a group we’ll have at this event:


How can you not treat yourself to a Tweak ticket? Come on, you deserve it! To purchase, visit:

The Image Diva, Élan Image Management, image consulting

Accent with Accessories: Five More Tips

Accessories are the fashion savvy woman’s secret weapon to looking glamorous. They are the subtle threads that help pull a look together. Like icing on a cake, they add the final and finishing accent to make your creative presentation sublime. Whatever your accessory treasure trove consists of, make sure it punctuates your personal style and image aspirations. Your image and style speaks volumes about you. Are you aware of what you are saying?

Here are five more tips on accenting with accessories!

  • Rock it like you mean it! If you are wearing an unusual/expensive/stunning piece you need to have the confidence to really make it work! I still remember Angelina Jolie at this years Oscars with her emerald drop earrings and cocktail ring. With a black strapless gown. Just stunning! In her casual outfit below, Rachel Bison’s bag in the centerpiece –its hip, funky, bold and it works because everything else in her outfit is understated. Her look, ‘funky casual.’



  • Consider the full suite of accessories—jewelry, watches, shoes, purses, wallets, belts, umbrella, gloves, hats, scarves—the list is long. These are all tools that you can use to create the perfect panache to your ensemble. In the picture below, in Eva L’s ensemble its all about the cute ruffled bag but her shoes, earrings and bangles help her nail the look too. And the top, very chic and fits her impeccably. Her look, "Feminine chic."

Zoe’s neutral toned goddess dress is accented with bold black and gold strappy shoes –the statement piece here. Her clutch, earrings and bracelet and hair add the finishing touches. Her look says, ‘Bronze Goddess’


  • Think ‘eyes up’. Essentially you want to use accessories to draw the eyes to your face. Read my post (LINK) on this topic.
  • Don’t be afraid to use accessories as a way to express your cultural heritage. Padma Lakshmi, (Top Chef’s host) embraces her Indian heritage in the pieces she wears. Indian women love gold jewelry, African and South American women are used to beads in their heritage. Austrian crystals are renowned as are the Murano glass crafted by Italians. 
  • Maybe you want to consider a trademark? Remember Meryl Streep’s character in the Devil Wears Prada and her love of white Hermes scarves? She wore them in a different way everyday. Beyonce LOVES her uber size earrings. Jennifer Aniston has embraced the scarf. The ‘Gossip Girls’ killed the headband. Beyonce usually wears signature big sunglasses and big hoops as in the photo below. A lot is going on here but I like it-there’s the long layered necklace, the bag, the platform shoes. It works because she is wearing a simple white jumpsuit and matching black/white wrap left open. The look says ‘funky bohemian!’

Below her vest is almost like an accesory because it is such a signature piece and so striking. She tones it down with denim shorts and no earrings (unnusual for her). Her signature oversized sunglasses and the really strappy black sandals keep the look interesting without going over the top. This look; ‘Edgy casual’

I love big, bold necklaces—the more eclectic the better. Below are stars going all out to make a bold accessory statement with necklaces. Love Sarah Jessica Parker’s layering of multiple necklaces against her pewter hued dress–look at how they seem to make her tiny eyes pop that much more! Joy Bryant’s necklace seems to overpower her though because she is wearing too little makeup (something I wish she’d do less of–I get the natural look but she looks like she just woke up!) so it seems out of place. Liv rocks it out with a funky cluster (and lovin her shorter hair!)

So what do you want your look to say? Discover your own unique accessory style.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consulting

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A Reflection on my Own Self Image

Dear Readers,

I’ve been forced to eat a bit of humble pie lately. Me, the image consultant suddenly forced to go out of my house sans makeup and cute hair because of an accident that fractured both my wrists. Needless to say, in the first couple weeks it was all about getting through the most basic personal care tasks of the day,  so very quickly I had to get over my concern about my image. When both your hands are in splints you really have much bigger things to worry about than ‘how do I look?’ which all got me thinking about my own self image in general.  So let me back track a bit.

I’ve always cared about the way I looked, that has just been part of my DNA. I was wearing eyeliner and shadow and lip gloss in a Catholic high school in the Caribbean when such things were definitely frowned upon.  I saved up my allowance to buy not candy and other such nonsense but clothes because I hated what my Mother picked out for me. I did my own sunny blonde highlights (peroxide if you please) at 16 by pure experimentation and almost burned my hair all off. I even wore extensions in my hair at 17 (two long braids) before they were even IN and so ubiquitous! (See I was always ahead of the times).  Oh yeah, I definitely cared about my image from WAY back. By the time I got to college in the US I was definitely heading for the fashioinsta route in terms of my fashion sense—I had my own personal style and rocked it—I wore slouchy shin high boots with leg warmers and skirts. Mini skirts  with a big shirt cinched at the waist. Or the uber long skirt and sweater combo. Cool slacks with equally cool long sweaters in bright colors/patterns. I did the big hoop earrings (the bigger the better) and always a chunky necklace (folks we’re talking 80’s ok?). And I never left my dorm without makeup and my hair ‘just so’.

This is not to say I was ever superficial. I studied like crazy and graduated with a 3.8 GPA that earned me a full scholarship to attend Cambridge University. I was a  ‘deep’ thinker. I took classes in religious studies, art, psychology, literature to round out my business major and was always so curious about the motivations of people and the human mind. There have always been many facets to me, and for many years fashion and image was such a large part of me. But I never realized how passionate I was about this image business until I stumbled upon it and realized it was my dream career.

Ever since then, image, fashion, appearance, clothing, hair, makeup, accessories  and the impact of one’s whole visual package on one’s self esteem, confidence and even happiness and the need to share this reality has become my life’s mission. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk it. Which brings me back to the past 3 weeks when by dumb bad luck, my hands became disabled. My life routines and patterns were turned on their head. I still cannot comb my hair, wash my face, and shimmy into my skinny jeans without assistance. I’ve had to put vanity aside on many occasions lately and leave my house looking pretty much like a ‘hot mess’ hoping no one would recognize me because I could not do better. And it has forced me to take a step back and evaluate what my own image means to me.

It means a lot of course, this is what I do, this is my passion, and knowing I look good absolutely makes me feel good and confident. BUT…at the end of the day, behind closed doors, in my private life, I am me, unmasked, unmade-up and undone and I am so OK with that. I can look myself in the mirror this way and still think, ‘you look cute girl’, and go and make breakfast or whatever. These almost 4 weeks of seeing myself ‘in the raw’ has reinforced this perspective. Yes I care about how I look and when out and about, I am working my image for impact. But on my own time in my private space, I’m pretty content to take off my ‘image diva’ hat and be just Natalie.

The Image Diva, Élan Image Management

Date Emergency Kit

Dear Readers,

OK so Valentine’s Day 2009 is gone but the year is very young and single women everywhere will be going on dates. What are some must have’s in your purse? Herewith I present, the date emergency kit for single gals everywhere. Just make sure you have a purse big enough to fit it all!

•    Breath mints/gum

•    Safety pins

•    Cell phone

•    Toothpicks or floss or Brush-up

•    Spare pair of earrings

•    ID

•    Cab fare/credit card

•    Antacid tablets

•    Condom

•    Advil

•    Tampon

•    Fashion Emergency Kit at

•    Mini-Swiss Army knife

•    Lipstick holder with a mirror inside of it

And of course your winning smile and sexiest dress in a color that makes you look fab. Good luck!


The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

New Year & Inauguration Fashion Tips

Dear Readers,

Happy Holidays!

No matter how you decide to spend the rest of the holidays, I want to make sure you look festive, pulled together, and fabulous to all your events. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts you already have a few tips on dressing for your holiday events. Today, I share a few more tidbits so you can be sure you look smashing when attending  your holiday, New Year and Inauguration shindigs.

  • Black always looks sleek and chic. If you’re unsure of color, opt for a black ensemble in lace, velvet, satin, silk, taffeta or chiffon to take it from basic to festive. Look at how this basic black skirt from Tory Burch gets a shot of pizzazz  and sass with a silver print embellishment. All is needed is to pair with a simple black top and jazzy heels and you’re ready for a Holiday party! 

Tory Burch sequined skirt @ Bloomindales

  • Red says end of year cheer more than any other color and will ensure you get noticed among the sea of black ensembles. But if you choose to wear red make sure it is the right shade of red for you.
  • Gold is a great color for a festive and bright look. But the more your dress sparkles the more you need to downplay your jewelry.
  • Trendy colors like cobalt blue, purple and grey instantly make you appear more fashion forward.
  •  If you’re wearing a dress, opt for one that flatters and enhances your figure and proportions. Wide in the hips? Choose a dress with an A line or flared skirt. Full figured? A wrap style dress can be very flattering and forgiving. Slim and trim? Then you can wear those sheath and shifts without a care. Petite woman need to be very conscious of where a dress ends on their legs. Too long and you can instantly look frumpy. Usually any length that hits around the knee or just below is ideal.
  • When in doubt, opt for separates. You can never go wrong with a colorful top and a pair of black slacks or dark washed jeans and heels.
  • Fabrics like lace, velvet, satin, silk, taffeta or chiffon will always convey a festive sensibility and make you look more ‘dressed up’. Or add a sparkly accessory like this sequined beret.

Sequined beret from Bloomingdales

  • Sparkly and shiny jewelry, whether diamonds, gold or semi precious stones are a must. Earrings and necklaces draw the eye to the face and are very important additions that can have a great impact. Cluster, hoop and drop type earrings and statement making necklaces will instantly raise your outfit up several notches. Multilayered chains are very fresh this year as are overly large cocktail rings and oversized clutches.
  • You can steal the spotlight this season with a sparkling display of bling. Sequins, beading, metallic or satin in accessories such as belts, scarves, purses, headbands, shoes, can add instant ‘oomph’. But don’t color match accessories to your holiday outfit—you want to avoid looking ‘overdone’.

Carlos Falchi metallic silver clutch @ Bloomingdales


  • Makeup—Red lips are hot this year and also add more interest to the face. Gold or shimmery eye shadow also adds extra punch and ensures your face remains the focal point.
  • Spice up a basic black dress with lacey stockings and show stopping shoes.
  • Long gloves can add a dose of high glamour to an evening dress. Metallic gloves are very much the trend this season. 
  • Don’t forget your crowning glory—your hair! Add sparkly hair accessories, pins, headbands for instant bling. A sweeping up do not only makes you look taller but also more elegant as well.

 Copyright, Natalie Jobity, The Image Diva, Élan Image Management

Hosiery: Part deux

Dear Readers,

Wearing the right hosiery when the temps are on the cool side is on the mind of many women. I have many clients who are confused about the pantyhose protocol especially for more formal occasions. Many women question whether they need to match their stockings to their shoes, wearing white, what type of nude etc. Here are some answers!

  • Matching stockings to shoes is a fashion “don’t’ unless you are wearing black or brown in your outfit. Matching  will generally be a bad idea if you are a diva rocking red or other colorful shoes!  Instead aim to make your hosiery enhance your ensembles—neutrals are always smart choices –beige, soft grey, soft black, taupe, brown, as is opaque black in the cooler months when worn with dark clothing. However avoid black stockings with spring bright colors—the effect is almost cartoonish!
  • My take on white stockings? A Fashion Don’t! It is a very outdated look and just reminds one of a nurse’s uniform.
  • DO add subtle texture for interest and variety. Ribbed, woven or small fishnets can create a very edgy fashion forward look if done correctly.
  • For professional environments DO choose sheer stockings over opaque ones. 
  •  Nude stockings work if the effect is that your legs look as if you are not wearing hosiery. A great brand is Donna Karan The Nudes which are super sheer. Otherwise, be careful.
  • DO look for toeless stockings if you are wearing peep toe pumps. Great for women who want to wear stockings but still show off their pedicured feet.
  • DO keep an extra pair of stockings handy if you wear them as they snag so easily.
  • Don’t like to wear hosiery but dread showing your uber pale legs to the world? That is what bronzers are for! Spray, rub or smooth some on and your pale legs and/or skin imperfections will be less visible. Another option is to try leg makeup. Yes, there is such a thing!

Hope this answrs your pantyhose questions. Give me a holler if you have others!

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management



And the Oscar goes to…Red!

There were very obvious fashion themes at this year’s Oscars. Red was the color of the evening looking stunning on most wearees.  The silhouette of the evening can be summed up in two words: Greek Goddess. Whether on one shoulder designs, draped creations, empire waisted silhouettes or column gowns, the Greek goddesses were everywhere! I must admit, it got a little old after a while.

I loved all the ‘women in red’. I love women who go for this bold, alluring, commanding and sexy color. So many women are afraid to wear red and honestly as colors go, red is one of the hottest on a woman. Don’t know your red? You need to have your colors done by a professional color consultant.

Back to the Oscars: Anne Hathaway rocked it–she looked amazing  in her draped red Marchesa gown. Her skin just glowed–I’ve never seen her look that good. And the rose detail on the one shoulder was so pretty. I also loved the curly pony tail which was aligned with her whole look.

Katherine Heigl , looked stunning in her red one shoulder silk georgette Escada column gown. I loved that her lipstick matched perfectly and the ‘Old Hollywood’ hair and makeup.  Love the cinched, ruched waist and mermaid hem with trail in the dress. She  consistently gets it right. One word: FABULOUS!

And Heidi Klum, looked beautiful as always, choosing high drama for the occasion and nailing it! Her John Galiano custom made, silk taffeta  gown featured a  dramatic high collar and train. She looked like the super model she is and really stood out amongst the crowd. And her uber bun was entirely appropriate for the high drama effect she was obviously going for. Loved her look.

Helen Mirren:  Queen for the day down the red carpet  in her custom-made ruby red satin Georges Chakra gown with Swarovski crystal sleeves. This mature lady knows how to dress her body and knows her colors and the best silhouettes for her.  She always looks fab and age appropriate. I adore her.

OK so on to the non red dress wearers. I  really loved the understated look  Keri Russell pulled off.  She looked lovely in the strapless champagne organza bustier Nina Ricci evening dress. It fitted her perfectly. And who could ignore the gorgeous necklace adorned on her neck– a 46-carat-diamond H. Stern creation. Talk about glamming up!! This look is a winner all the way.

Which brings me to Cameron D.  I  would have loved to see some accessories on her.  I get she is trying to do the ‘I really didn’t try that hard’ look but she looked like she crawled out of bed in the messy pony tail, neutral makeup, and  her wrinkly Dior by John Galliano pink bustier gown.  She did not stand out, the dress did not fit her bust in a flattering way and she looked unpolished. And the pink blended right into her skin. Not a good color on her. She needed to do what Keri Russell did, pick a more flattering neutral, comb her hair, and add some accessories to make her pop. With a body like that she could do so much better.

Penelope Cruz in a navy blue  Chanel Haute Couture feather embroidered gown was a sight to behold. She gets my vote hands down for best dark colored dress on the carpet beating out Jennifer Garner, Hillary Swank, Nicole K and the rest. She looked elegant and regal and simply fantastic from  head to toe. I am clearly a sucker for a cinched waist and dramatic skirt

I actually thought Jennifer Hudson  did pretty well, especially after her disaster look last year (gold lame cropped bolero jacket!).  You have to remember she is full figured. This dress actually made her look  small (her waist looks tiny!) but it highlights her large bosom. I do not see this dress as a don’t though. She looked radiant and lovely and proud to show her curves in her white Roberto Cavalli gown. Would have loved a more relaxed hair do on her though.

The other theme of the night—pregnant actresses! I thought all the pregnant gals did a great job looking fabulous: Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman  and Jessica Alba held it down.

My one critique overall was that there weren’t enough risk takers, whether with color, accessories or with silhouette. Marion Cotillard, best actress winner took the greatest risk in her mermaid inspired intricately detailed custom-made Jean Paul Gaultier gown. But I think it was too constructed (bordering on costume) and there was something a bit too fishy about her look�?�

But she is so beautiful and was just so happy to be there that she glowed the entire time. So at the end of the day, who cares what your dress looks like up close!

(All pics from

Natalie Jobity, The Image Diva, President  Élan Image Management,

Author: Frumpy to Fabulous: flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style

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