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My Fav Swimsuits for Top Heavy Women: Elan’s Picks

Without much ado, here are my top 5 swimsuits for top heavy women


Women with large breasts really need proper support. Bikinis are fine once the top has the proper underwire support to keep the bust lifted. This full coverage bikini from Victoria Secret is a winner.


Asymmetrical one piece
If you are a busty woman with broader shoulders than your hips, you’re going to want a swimsuit  that visually narrows your top half so it balances out your lower half. This one shoulder is excellent because the asymmetrical shoulder is very supportive, the ruching at the waist is very figure enhancing and the print is very alluring. Go for it! Available at Victoria’s Secret.


Deep plunge one piece
With one pieces, you absolutely want to look at a deep V neck or wide U scoop necklines which enhance your bust. To avoid? Little itsy bitsy tops or stringy halters that look at odds with your proportion and provide zero support. Also any top that adds bulk to your breasts. This bathing suit, from Miracle Suit  hits all the right marks. Figure flattering to your décolletage, side ruching to enhance your waist and great support at the bustline. Available @ Bloomingdales.

Halter swimdress
This halter swimdress is great for a top heavy woman with wide shoulders and narrow hips. The halter top provides support for the girls while the ruffle skirt adds balance to your wider top. Plus it’s so darn cute!  Plus if you have a hint of a tummy all the ruching in the middle will cinch you in comfortably. Suit from Juicy Couture @ Bloomingdales.


Convertible tankini
I love this tankini for a top heavy woman with broad shoulders. The suits neckline highlights the shoulders  while the neck wrap tempers them at the same time. The top can also be wrapped in multiple ways depending on your style preferences.  It’s a two piece tankini so you have complete coverage with the flexibility of a two piece. And the print is a great camoflager (if needed).  Available @ Shape FX.



For more figure flattery tips, I highly recommend picking up a copy of my bestselling book: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style. Full of tips, advice and motivation to look great regardless of your size and empowering you to Flaunt It.

Natalie Jobity, professional image consultant, AKA The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

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Our Top 5 swimsuits for pear/triangle shaped women: Elan’s picks

Summer is here and many women angst about not being toned enough, thin enough, tanned enough or tight enough to bare their bods at the beach. I’m here to tell you, get over yourself. The average woman is a size 10/12 and has some complaint or other about her body so you’re in good company.

Here’s the real secret. If you know what type of swimsuit best flatters your curves, you will look better, feel more confident and actually look sexier (if you dare!) at the beach or pool this season.

There are options aplenty for all shapes, sizes and level of modesty. For those of you who are bottom heavy, here are my 5 favorite silhouettes and styles to maximize your figure this season.

Skirted Tankini

For women who have a pear (triangle) shape, minimizing the hips and often rear is the challenge. An easy strategy is to use color blocking—wear a darker color on your bottom and a brighter/lighter or printed pattern on top. This tactic minimizes where you are wider and draws attention to your smaller torso. Another alternative, is the skirted suit or tankini in a straight to slight a line silhouette (not flared!).
This suit from Victoria’s Secret is perfect as it achieves both these goals. (Twist tankini with skirted bottom)


Ruched one piece with retro vibe
For triangle shaped women with a tummy skip the bikini! Too often I see ladies with their little paunches all hanging out and honestly they can do so much better. For you, I highly recommend the minimizing one piece. A one piece with ruching at the waist/tummy is an excellent choice for you.

I love this Carmen Marc Valvo retro suit from Victoria’s Secret, which is ruched all over for maximum support and figure flattery. Love it! What is also great is that you can pull the skirted part up or down depending on your coverage needs to minimize your thighs (or not). And this color: hot and haute!


Bikini with skirted bottom

A high waist retro styled bikini bottom with high spandex content can work wonders for the mid section and hips. The idea here is to find a high percentage of spandex to tuck in bulges. This “control” bikini from shape fx is great for your figure because of the bottom but also because of the style of the bikini top. The wide set straps makes your shoulders appear wider so your hips are more in balance. And if you don’t have a tummy you can Flaunt your curves in this number with confidence.



Plunge front printed one piece
Another great way for women with pear shaped figures to play to their strengths is to choose a patterned one piece with deep plunge so the emphasis is on your body’s top half.  This floral one piece from Victoria’s Secret is perfect especially for triangles with small busts. The deep plunge and tie shoulders put emphasis at your bust and away from your hips, thighs and rear. And patterns are great camouflagers. Even better, this suit also comes with side ruching to whittle in the waist.



Swim dress
If you look great in white this is a great color choice for your swimsuit. An all white bathing suit can be just as slimming and elongating as a black one if it is designed with your figure in mind. This Juicy Couture suit from Bloomingdales is. Again, the wide set spaghetti straps help balance out your hips, the shirring all over the suit minimizes and controls your ‘softer’ areas, and the skirted bottom helps slim your thighs.


But wait there’s more! Check out these past posts on swimwear.

Next up, the best swimsuits for inverted triangle figures.


Natalie Jobity, professional image consultant, AKA The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

I highly recommend picking up a copy of my book: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style. Full of tips, advice and motivation to look great regardless of your size and empowering you to Flaunt It. The secret? Confidence (and a few handy insider secrets that I share).

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Yokini Swimwear: Sexy & Flattering Swimsuits for many figure types

Finding figure flattering swimwear is as much an art as it is a science. To rule out some of the mystery in finding the perfect swimsuit for you I am dedicating a series of blog posts to do just that! This is always a popular topic this time of year and I want to make your search as effortless as possible. For each of the main figure types I want to highlight my top 5 recommendations to best enhance that figure so you feel confident, sexy and comfortable wherever your summer jaunts may take you.

Check out the following links for past posts on bathing suits:

But I have a surprise. This first post will be dedicated to a relatively new line of swimwear that I believe can flatter almost every figure and swimwear occasion. Why? It all boils down to the proprietary fabrication and design of the swimsuit bottom. I present to you ladies, Yokini swimwear convertible bikini bottom!


The vision behind Yokini Swimwear came from the idea that a more mature woman  can still wear a sexy two piece swimsuit with confidence and style. The unique Yokini bottom enables a woman to adjust the fabric to fit her lower body like a glove. Any problem areas in the hips or tummy instantly disappear when multi- layers of control stretch fabric are concentrated directly on the area.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. I had the pleasure of sampling the line myself and I love it! I now have a bikini with a convertible bottom that I can wear so many ways depending on my mood or the occasion—all the way up so it looks like a one piece, at the waist for a retro look, as a banded bottom so it looks like your regular bikini and (really cool!) like a skirt so it also acts as an instant cover up.

Check out this HOW TO WEAR VIDEO

Regardless of how you choose to wear it, it is extremely figure flattering and comfortable because the fabric is breathable and very stretchy. If you are bottom heavy you can wear it as a skirted bikini to minimize your hips and thighs. If you have a tummy, you can wear it retro style and swim with confidence. If you are curvy, you can wear it as a low rise banded bikini for maximum sex appeal. If you have a more boyish shape, you can wear it like a sexy one piece or sportier style.

Convertible swimwear is not new. But what is new here is that the bottom really can be molded various ways on your body for a completely different look. And the idea that this can go dramatically from a one piece look to a skirted one is very innovative.

Inspired by yoga wear, the Yokini bikini is designed so every woman can start feeling sexy, confident and stylish in a bathing suit. Flaunt It on the beach, the pool or on the volley ball court!

Next up: The 5 most figure flattering designs for bottom heavy women.

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, image consultant. Author: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style

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Look Stylish and Feel Great as you Drop the Weight (Part 2)

We blogged about the challenge of dressing a changing body back in January  and gave you 4 concrete tips to help you look and feel great during weight loss. Weight loss is a time of change and any change is a little scary.  Modifying your wardrobe to adjust to your smaller frame is one more change many women find hard to grasp mentally and emotionally. Weight loss is so deeply tied to our self-image and that get’s so personal doesn’t it? These tips are meant to ease you into these changes with less frustration and angst. After all, you are in the midst of  achieving an important milestone that is all about you—getting to your ideal, healthy weight. So awesome for you!! Here are a few more tips to help you look as good on the outside as you are feeling on the inside!

1.    You may be used to ‘hiding’ your figure in big, bulky or baggy clothing. No more! Hiding actually makes you look bigger and definitely frumpy. Avoid boxy, baggy, loose, bulky clothing or anything that adds the appearance of unnecessary weight on you. This means thick fabrics, too many layers, and designs such as double-breasted jackets, flared baloony skirts, cargo pants with flap pockets where you don’t need them and elastic waistbands. We don’t want you to look like a boxy rectangle or an oval anymore. We want you to revel in your curves and flaunt them. Your new goal is to accentuate, enhance and highlight. Start looking at yourself objectively. What do you like about your new body? Find at least three things. Focus there. Look for details in clothing including vertical seaming, empire waists, ruching, pattern or print to highlight your best features and truly embrace them while camouflaging areas that still need work.

2.    If you have a tummy (or remnants of one), try slightly longer tops with some contouring or cinching near the waist. This is critically important so you avoid a square silhouette. A peplum style jacket in a soft fabric is your best friend; it can camouflage your tummy and is very figure flattering. Steer clear of elastic waist bands or front pleats which only make your tummy look bigger. Flat front pants with side or back zips are wonderful and have the added benefit of flattening out your tummy.

3.    Many plus size women feel they must wear black because it’s a slimming color, and typically restrict themselves to an all-black wardrobe. I want you to embrace color ladies. This is your time to shine! If you want to start with baby steps, know that any dark color is flattering and slimming, so consider, cranberry, grape,  forest green, magenta, navy, brown or plum, which all look fantastic if you choose the shade that best suits your skin tone. But don’t be shy to experiment with bright colors either. Hues like turquoise, yellow, orange, salmon, coral, fuchsia and kelly green have a fun, playful, free vibe. These shades can add spice and sass to your wardrobe and much needed variety. Bring it on.

4.    No one’s shape is right or wrong, good or bad – they are just different. As you get close to your ideal weight, learn to make friends with your body, and like any friend, love it for its positive features and be compassionate towards those that may still need work. If you are a good friend to your body it will return the favour in kind. Suddenly you’ll realize it wasn’t the enemy after all—that was just in your head. Your body loves you. Love it back. Get very clear on your figure type and how best to highlight your assets and minimize flaws. All women have to do this. Once you master the art of figure flattery, you will be unstoppable. Take my word for it.

Look for part 3 of this series next month!


Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management. Image Consultant and Author of "Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It"




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Event: What to wear tips, Book Signing and Fab Giveaways to help you Flaunt It

It’s been extremely busy the past few weeks with the release of my book: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style. Their are many style or makeover guides on the market but I believe my book is different. Sure I share tips, tricks and strategies to help you look amazing: from dressing for your figure type; to learning how to mix and match the right  colors for you so you pop; to figuring out how to pick the right jeans for your body; to dressing secrets for petites, talls and plus; to learning how to get inspiration so you continue to refine your own personal style and so much more. In fact there are so many tips in this book for ALL women that one reviewer dubbed the book, ‘the ultimate fashion accessory’. 

And here I am using it as such (smile)

Then there are the ‘stories’  I share based on my work as a professional image consultant working with hundreds of women. There is a very real personal touch and voice in these pages that women can relate to so they know they are not alone in their challenges. I help them tackle the ‘saboteurs’ that may be holding them back from their true magnificence! Oh women have many excuses for why they don’t have the time, means or know how to look and feel great. This book challenges each woman to elevate her image by blasting away the negative self talk that holds so many of us down. Finally, this book was written with a mission: to transform the life of each person who reads it. The transformation can be subtle or dramatic–just like the transformations I  see occur with my own clients. But the bottom line is that it is a book you will want to take with you when you shop so you can refer back to the advice in its pages (hello Kindle edition!). Lean more about Mission 1 Million Makeovers which the book helps support.

The paperback book is available for sale at Amazon and I am so pleased with the amazing support and feedback I’ve received. Folks have been asking me about my official "launch". I think any grand affair will occur at another point.  But in the meantime, l now have officially scheduled a book signing that is meant to inspire and share some of the tips I share with readers, promote other local businesses that support women’s quest to look and feel their best, and to help all guests have fun by winning exciting door prizes!! And of course I’ll be there to give on the spot fashion tips and sign your copies of Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style.

Where? Hotel George DC

When? Saturday September 25th from 4-6 pm

Cost? FREE!!!!!!

I will be updating my blog with updates leading up to the event but so far we have the following local businesses on board with gorg giveaways:

  • Coup de Foudre Lingerie is generously giving one lucky guest a $100 gift certificate to use in their Downtown DC lingerie store (near metro center). All I can say is ooh la la!
  • A complimentary belly dancing, pole dancing or yoga class from Jordin’s Paradise in  DC to get your body in tip top shape for MANY guests in attendance
  • A personal chef gift certificate from Joyful Creations so you can treat yourself to a scrumptious meal courtesy of chef Joy
  • 2 complimentary makeup sessions from Summark Faces so your face can take center stage for your special event
  • Evelyn Brooks Designs will be donating a necklace and earring set from her stellar collection to help you look more polished
  • A complimentary 90-minute style consultation from Elan Image Management valued at over $250 to help you get your Flaunt on!!
  • L~Shandi designs is donating one of her unique purses made out of African lace so you are well accessorized
  • Party Style will be donating a beautiful bouquet of flowers –to remind you how beautiful you are!
  • More giveaways to come!

All just for coming out and supporting and celebrating my book’s release. It’s a love fest ladies (and gents)! A thank you, a giving back and a celebration all in one.

Stay tuned for more details!! And be sure to bring your purchased copy of Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style to get it signed by me. Or you can purchase copies at the event (cash only though).

If you are interested in donating a product or service for the event please e-mail me directly at

Here’s to Flaunting It!

Natalie Jobity,  Image Consultant & Author

Shoe challenges: Finding the Perfect Fit

There is something incredibly alluring about a woman wearing heels.  And with 5 " heels all the rage, women are stepping it up–literally.

Yet at 6 feet 1" tall, I never had any inclination to rock heels (after all I wasn’t trying to add MORE height to my stature) so I never learned how to walk in them. I think my  very narrow, long feet also play a role in the wobbly unattractive gait I develop when I try to wear any heel higher than 2 " –forget it if they are kitten heels! The unfortunate thing is that all this limits my  shoe options considerably!  I have two pairs of love sandals with kitten heels or the equivalent that may be 2.5 inches and I swear I have never worn them outside my house. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to walk around the house in them in an effort to dare to wear them out, but the wobbly, shaky ankle look is so not cool and bordering on spraining my foot. I’m averse to injury so the moment my whole foot bends while trying to walk it’s over.

I don’t need heels to add height I want them for the sex appeal–and 3 inches will more than suffice. If only…I got excited recently when I tried on a pair of Sam Edeleman’s that were SO cool–funky and edgy–just the type of shoe missing in my closet. Amazingly I was just almost able to walk in them–they may have been 3.5 inches but they had a nice solid heel base (which makes a huge difference BTW). The problem however was that my feet were too narrow for the shoe–argh!! That is always the ultimate "gotcha" with shoes and me.

What is interesting though is I thought I was alone in my shoe challenge. But as an image consultant I have met so many women –petite, average, tall–who struggle with shoes that fit comfortably for one reason or another. For some its the inability to master walking in them. My heart goes out to the woman if she is petite and actually could use the height leverage heels provide. For others, it is a too wide foot that limits their options. Others have unique foot issues (large or narrow heels, one foot larger than the other etc.) that make finding shoes period very challenging. Then there are the MANY who used to rock heels decades ago and now suffer the consequences with ailments from foot pain, bunions, arch issues etc.

Moral? There are lots of women out here needing options that are stylish and funky in a variety of sizes and widths and styles. I have met women who wear their heels but then they have to sit down in them because to walk in them is torture. I’m sorry– comfort over style is my mantra-if I can’t sit, stand, walk or run if I have too in complete ease I’m not wearing the shoe.

Shoes are a critical part of one’s style and look. I’ve had to ‘make do’ and it’s unfortunate. Unfortunate for me and the many women who wistfully long to rock a pair of really hot shoes but struggle to find styles that work. Designers like Softspots, Clarks, Sofft, Cole Haan, Naturalizer, Munro, Trotters, Van Eli and even Aerosoles are trying to provide comfortable options for women like me. Nordstroms now has a section called comfort shoe shop on their website. If I can find a shoe like this Sofft peep toe that fits my narrow feet that I can walk in, I’ll be a happy gal.

Sofft Raine pump @ 3.5 "


For me Van Eli is really the only brand that gives me my length and width (11AAA) in lower heel options. Suffice it to say most of my shoes are mail ordered and made by Van Eli. But options have definitely  gotten more promising in the past two years. The gladiator trend put flat shoes back on the market and a big hallelujah for that!  And the recent trend in boots of all heights and styles is a huge boon–its one of the (few) reasons I look forward to fall/winter season so I can wear boots from my increasing collection of riding style boots.

So there is hope! Looking forward to being pleasantly surprised this season!  I just found this cute pair from Van Eli that comes in narrow that might work–don’tbe surprised if you see me Flaunting It!


Van Eli Phebe Calf

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management

What to Wear: The Conundrum of Petites, Plus and Tall Sizes

According to a New York Times online article by Stephanie Clifford last month, "As doctors and public health officials encourage Americans to slim down, the fashion industry is embracing Americans as they are. Both mass-market stores like Forever 21 and Target and expensive designers like Elie Tahari are deciding the fattening of America is a big business opportunity, and are reinvigorating a market that had faltered during the recession."

Well that’s all well and good but they have got a long way to go! The average American woman is a size 14. Most clothing designers cater to what they feel is aspirational and  trendsetting. It’s all about illusion and fantasy and not much about reality at all. Most designers don’t think about what will sell when they put pencil to sketch pad–they are thinking about a collection that will get them great PR and that will put on a great "show". The problem is that the buyers who attend fashion shows "buy into" these sterotypes and the result is a lot of unrealistic fashion trends popping up in stores every season that flatter only a minority of women.

Couple this issue with the fact that plus size clothing is very expensive to manufacture for a variety of reasons so retailers shy away from them completely. With Petites and Talls, even though they are viable markets, there is apparently not enough money in them to make designers and stores take note. Many department stores shut down their petite departments and stand alone stores that used to cater to petites including Petite Sophisticates are out of business. There was a Tall Girls store in Virginia nd that too shut down even though I know many tall women who shopped there. So what are we to do, those among us who are non-standard (and increasingly becoming the majority)?

In my work as an image consultant I see women of all shapes and sizes and I see my role an empowering them to embrace and learn to dress and flatter their size as it is NOW. We can all look great in your clothing if we learn the tricks of figure flattering. Yes their are hard to fit statures/sizes–plus, petites AND talls.  I’m 6’1" and a healthy size 6 and because I am in the business of image, fashion and wardrobe I know what looks great on me and how to wear mass market clothing that looks like it was designed for my super long frame (with the help of a tailor often).

But just like there are plus sized petites, there are plus sized talls and these are the most challenging to address because the plus size market offerings are so limited. It would be wonderful if designers catered to ALL frames but they don’t. And everyone assumes tall women have it easy but whether thin or plus or in between we have the same challenges as petite women finding clothing, often harder because you NEVER see ‘talls’ in department stores.

All sizes and statures can be beautiful –we just need more options period! I hope other designers start to cater more to the plus size market in particular and that stores like J Crew, J Jill, Victoria’s Secret , Talbots and Eddie Bauer etc. continue to serve all sectors of the woman’s market. 

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consulting

Why Attend Elan’s Spring Wardrobe Bootcamp? Winter Recap

February 27th was a lucky day for 11 ladies as they participated in Elan Image Management’s Winter wardrobe bootcamp at Hotel George. Natalie Jobity, image and fashion consultant and personal shopper, President of Elan Image Management facilitated the wardrobe bootcamp seminar. ‘Bootcamp’ really makes it sound a whole lot more serious than it was because we had lots of fun and laughs in addition to great education, empowerment and ‘aha’ moments for those in attendance.

Each woman got figure typed so each left with a clear sense of ways to flatter and enhance her figure and what to wear for greatest impact. Each also had a brief personal style assessment to help guide her in the ways she could express her personal style. Everyone wanted to know where to find the perfect pair of jeans and I shared sources and resources for jeans, shapewwear and more. We discussed the importance of leaving a great first impression, the essentials every closet should own, ways to accessorize and the importance of knowing your ‘wow’ colors.

This group of ladies asked some great questions and were wonderful sharing their personal stories and insights to share with other women in the group. We all had a blast with the accessory swap activity where each woman got at least two new acessories to take home with her to add to her collection. It was a delight to share with the group and lead another successful workshop!

Thanks to Monifa Smart for assisting me in faciliatining this transformational workshop.

Pictures speak a 1000 words so here are a few of my favorities from the day:


Group shot at end of Bootcamp!

Helping participant with personal style assessment

Participant demonstrating age appropriate creative chic!

Accessory swap activity: earrings were awesome on her!

Participant asking a question

Accessory swap table: All items were donated by participants to swap with each other. Great stuff!

Front of room shot with participant sharing her story

She swapped for that lovely necklace. Doesn’t she look great?

Join the fun at the next wardrobe bootcamp on Saturday April 17th at Hotel George. All details and registration at: Spring Wardrobe Bootcamp

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Figure Flattery secrets from a fashion consultant

Yes ladies you CAN work with your body and enhance your assets and mitigate your challenging areas. It just takes a little insider secrets. Continuing my last post, here are a few more insider fashion consultant secrets to help minimize those more challenging body parts.

  • Most flattering dress on all figures: An A line knee length dress with an inset waistband, V neckline and ¾ length sleeves. But generally. wear a dress that enhances your assets. If you have a narrow waist, show it off! Great shoulders, go strapless, A toned back, and small to average bust, go backless.
  • Plus Size: It depends on her figure but generally this woman wants to avoid a dress with too much detailing or bulk which just makes her look bigger than she has to. She really wants a dress that contours gracefully over her body to enhance it. Round scoop necks and V necks are most flattering to her décolletage .
  • Small busts: Look for details like ruching or ruffles near bustline. Look for dresses with padding in the busts. Wear a padded push up bra! Do not try to pull of the turtleneck look—it emphasizes your lack in that area. Also strapless styles aren’t flattering because they flatten out your chest.
  • Petites: Dresses: mononchromatic (one color) dress will be most elongating. Also a dress with not too much fullness in the skirt is most flattering. Too much fullness will overwhelm a petite woman and make her look shorter. An empire waisted style can be very enhancing if the woman is average size. If a woman is very petite I would avoid a strapless design. A one shoulder deign can be very elegant however, and very appropriate. So would a higher neck line (boat neck/or jewel neck) which really would heighten a woman of shorter stature.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consultant

Image Consultant’s Insider Secrets

One of my goals when I work with women as an image consultant, is to help them embrace their body and learn how to work with it rather than fight with it. As my yoga teacher says, if you treat your own body like you did your best friend, you’d be much kinder to it. Think of it; would you call your best friend names? Treat her badly? Not show her compassion? Not love her for who she is? Help her work out her problems? It is the same with your body. Treat it kindly and compassionately and lovingly–even the parts you wished were different. And for the latter, here are a few insider stylist’s secrets to help minimize those more challenging body parts.

  • Minimizing a tummy bulge– A dress or top with strategic ruching is great if the ruching is diagonal and near the tummy area. A surplice wrap top with a V neck is very flattering for women with tummy issues. Also embrace shapewear! Patterns can also distract from the tummy area if they are well spaced and placed
  • Heavy thighs/full hips- A full leg trouser style pant WITHOUT side pockets is most flattering pant. If it has a vertical seam detail that is even better. A line skirts and dresses with vertical seaming also ‘break up’ the width and make her thighs disappear. A great secret to really disguise thighs is wearing a long topper jacket open –this essentially hides the whole hip/thigh area and makes the woman look taller and leaner. She can combine a topper in a bright fun col0r and print and go monochromatic inside for a really slimming, chic look.
  • Wide shoulder—Avoid any details or accents near shoulders. Avoid boatneck or off shoulder styles. Do not embrace the shoulder pad trend whatsoever! Do try one shoulder designs or halters with wide straps that cut into the shoulder line making them appear narrower.
  • Look taller and leaner by:
    • Wearing a bra that lifts and supports. Takes off 10 pounds and 10 years. You essentially open up the torso area so the woman looks more elongated, and more poised.
    • Stand up straight! Pretty basic but you’ll be surprised how many women slouch and add pounds to their mid section by so doing
    • Monochromatic looks will always be elongating. This does not mean black but any dark color will have this effect—brown, charcoal grey, navy.
    • Look for vertical details—like pinstripes, vertical seams, patterns that run vertically. Avoid any design element that chops your body up—this includes cropped or Capri pants, horizontal lines or prints in pants skirts, or overly wide belts at the waist


More tips to come in an upcoming post.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management