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Even models have ‘frumpy’ days

We revere models. We want to look like them. We think they have close to perfect bodies. Perhaps? Well I’m here to say hogwash! Find me a model who isn’t dependent on her stylist to look pulled together, and I’ll  show you a woman who struggles to get her look down pact like everyone else. What we often forget when we drool at glamor shots in magazines or watch celebs on the red carpet or being interviewed on TV is that 9 times out of 10, that woman (or man) has had a lot of help and time to look fabulous. There are glam squads behind the scenes, makeup, hair, wardrobe stylists, you name it, to ensure that person looks polished from head to toe.

Want proof? I want to use this post to share photos of two models who are having off days (in my esteemed opinion). Clearly the wardrobe stylist or image consultant had the day off. The first is the usually fab Selita Ebanks at a recent Prada event. Two words: School Marm! I mean really, this looks out of date, out of proportion and simply not well executed. Yes her makeup is pretty, but not loving the hair. Yes there is a necklace but the top washes her out and is so baggy and then  paired with the overly long ‘granny’ skirt, that it ages her by 10 years at least. And sorry, not digging the shoes either which could easily pass for running shoes. Thumbs down on this ensemble!

A better interpretation of this look keeping skirt intact? A more fitted, body contouring top in a color that pops with her skin (let’s say bubble gum pink). Then a belt at the waist to give further definition. I would change the necklace to one that had an edgier vibe. Finish off with nude tone strappy heels so there is no mistaking that she is young hip and gorgeous. Can you picture the difference?

I present next, popular model Christy Turlington. That boxy black jacket with a white lace summer dress? Really? This simply does not work-the black overpowers her face and is just too heavy for the white lace. Her hair pulled back with minimal makeup does nothing to hide the starkness of the jacket. I feel like I want to see a necklace to break up the drab. And again the shoes–ick! This looks like she was trying to be comfortable yet stylish but so did not pull it off.

What would have made this look work? Lose the black heavy jacket and instead opt for a cute cropped number in blush or even light denim. Hair needs to be down so the look says feminine casual. Drop earring and an elegant necklace would be great compliments. No black bangle but instead maybe a collection of skinny silver ones stacked together for a relaxed vibe. And the shoes? A wedge sandal in nude (still comfortable) or a cute ballet flat with a bow or other accent. Better!


I am being overly harsh in my critique of these models, yes. It is just to make you, average woman reading this post feel emboldened to know that ‘perfection’ is just an illusion. And even those we hold on pedestals can fall from grace quickly…without the help of their glam squad

Natalie Jobity, Elan Image Management, image consulting. Author: Frumpy to Fabulous, Flaunting It


Developing your Unique Style–a Fashion Consultant’s Perspective

Style means knowing yourself and being who you are. It’s about being comfortable in your skin. Despite the occasion or the event the stylish woman seems to have that special charisma that commands attention. Confidence is the hallmark of having true style.

Fashion is a tool, a vessel even to express the innate sensibilities that distinguishes a true woman with style. Fashion is sporadic. Trends come and go and come again. There is little individualism in "fashion" –it is ultimately what is marketed to the consumer by designers, buyers and retailers. It is up to the individual to use fashion to showcase their signature style.

Coco Chanel is the perfect example of a woman who used "fashion" to create her own unique style and by her example, throngs of women followed. They could use her designs to project stronger more commanding and relaxed sensibilities that were unheard of before and by so doing express their own unique styles.

Clothes ultimately are just another layer of how we create and express ourselves which does not mean following trends. Style is what you put on that makes you feel beautiful, stunning and magnetic.

Style is not accidental. It’s comes from a deep awareness of who you are and the trappings you have consciously adopted to convey your persona to the world.
So if you want to get style, don’t look to fashion or designer brands—look within. To your innate preferences, tastes, and creativity.

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management, image consultants

Elan Image Management Profiled in

Below is an excerpt of my interview with Leandra Roscoe DC’s Home Based Business Examiner columnist.

<<Image consultant Natalie Jobity is on fire. After many years as a marketing research executive, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and become her own boss, and she did it with a passion. For the past 3.5 years, she has run her business, Elan Image Management, from the comfort of her home in Columbia, MD, and is loving every minute of it.  She is now making inroads and more with her successful image consulting business all throughout the Washington region and beyond. How exactly did she get to where she is today? I sat down with Natalie to find out just what makes her tick, and why she loves making people feel good about themselves.

What she does:   She provides one-on-one image coaching, personal shopping services, closet audits/makeovers, frequent workshops on how to look and feel your best, and styling services at photo shoots.  She is also gearing up to do more speaking engagements to groups around the community: "I want to share my passion and what I know and love with everyone I can." She primarily focuses on women’s wardrobe assessments, but also services men’s wardrobe needs as well.

Goals for her clientele:  Her services are custom-tailored for each client, and knows that her clients have their own personal reasons for wanting to change their image.  "There are so many reasons why people want an image consultant, and I try my best to understand the needs of each client and transform their lives in the way they want. I really want to make sure my clients get value, feel good about what they learn in how they can achieve their goals inside and out. I want to get to the inner core of their essence as a woman or man.">>

To read the rest of the story visit: Business Spotlight: Elan Image Management

New Year Fashion Committments

Happy New Year!

We’re in week two of the New Year and more significantly the new decade. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? We all make them right?  My greatest wish for you this year is that you will not simply make New Year’s resolutions but New Year’s commitments. Making a commitment requires action and perseverance which are key to achieving your goals.  This applies for all your goals in addition to your image goals.

One of my goals is to invest in more unmemorable clothing. That may sound like a strange goal, but for an image consultant who loves color, prints and unconventional silhouettes, like I do, most of my clothing is very memorable. And memorable clothing is hard to recycle into different looks-not impossible, just harder. Believe it or not, I’ve only just started investing in a couple LBD’s. I never owned them before, now I have 3 for different types of occasions. I wore one twice over the holidays in two completely different ways–impossible to tell its the same dress. The first is in the photo below on New Years Eve where I wanted an edgier vibe:

The second occasion is when I  wore the dress on a recent TV interview for NewsChannel 8! Completely different context, same dress. Check out the link to my clip, you won’t believe the wonders of layering and a whole new set of accessories!

Back to you. Some of your goals could include buying fewer clothes, working with your wardrobe so 100% of the items are those you absolutely love, wearing and buying only clothing that flatters you, working on your professional presence or your personal brand, refining your signature style, getting comfortable accessorizing and adorning yourself in only your best colors. Need help with any, or all of these? My wardrobe consulting services can help you. I also invite you to read the article in my Examiner Column on  image resolutions for 2010.

I am truly excited about the wide open possibilities of a brand new year. Elan Image Management, has some surprises in store and what I know for sure is I’ll be on my toes! I’m getting my dancing shoes on. Will you join me?

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management

Élan Image Management is pleased to introduce the ‘New Year, New Gear’™ Teleseminar Image Coaching Program

Have you been dreaming of a new you for 2010? Have you made a commitment to invest in yourself this year and to create the space for real transformation? Are you tired of being stuck in a wardrobe rut? Do you long to learn how to shop smarter and actually have fun doing it? Do you want to step up your presence on the job and ‘walk the talk’ of a woman who is truly dressed for success?

The ‘New Year, New Gear’™ Teleseminar Image Coaching Program was specifically designed for women, as an ongoing image coaching program providing wardrobe consulting, style refinement, empowerment, fun, accountability and image transformation…all from the comfort of your home! Each month, for an entire year (or 6 months) you will receive; a private one-on one image coaching session, a complimentary invitation to a coaching teleseminar, weekly e-mail exercises, insider access to resources and affiliates, discounted admission to wardrobe bootcamps and other events sponsored by Élan Image Management and much more! Get ready for a year full of education, empowerment, fun, fabulousness and most important, transformation!

Program Benefits:

•    Image Transformation: the more engaged you are the greater the transformation
•    The secrets of dressing to impress
•    Affordable and clever ways to optimize your wardrobe
•    Support banishing the negative self talk that keep you from looking fabulous
•    Learn the techniques to creating a wardrobe full of clothing you absolutely love
•    Tips and tricks to dress age appropriately
•    Access to tools and resources to aid your image transformation
•    Learn how to shop smarter not harder and find joy in shopping
•    Help with purging your own closet so you can make room for your new, ‘smarter’ clothing choices
•    Insider access to experts in image, fashion, beauty and design
•    Help goal setting with respect to your image. What are you trying to achieve this year?
•    Step by step guidance to keep you looking stunning throughout the year
•    The ongoing guidance and coaching from wardrobe/style expert and certified image consultant, Natalie Jobity

The program also includes:
•    Free audio (MP3) of all coaching teleseminars
•    Plenty of opportunities for Q&A
•    A new you, for a minimal monthly investment!
•    And SO much more!!

For more details and to register visit the Teleseminar page

What are you waiting for? Get your image in gear this year by signing up for this transformational, empowering and fun coaching program! REGISTER NOW .

The Image Diva, Elan Image Management